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WEFT Sessions is LIVE local music on WEFT 90.1 FM
every Monday from 10-11pm.
Hear more local music on Local 901 from 11pm-midnight.

Watch and Listen to recent WEFT Sessions shows on Urbana Public Television cable access and on the UTPV6 YouTube channel and UTPV6's YouTube playlist.

Host: Todd Hunter

Booking:  E-mail Mike Ingram - weftsessions at gmail.com to play live or to pass your band's music along to WEFT.
All genres welcome.

Engineering: Mike Feldman - feldman at weft.org
Performers, read this:
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ON WEFT SESSIONS Mondays at 10:00 PM :

September 22:   The Fights - Alt Country / Americana / Indie

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Local 901 Playlists for August 2014

August 25:

10:53PM Withershins "Mt Fuji in Blue" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:01PM Withershins "Moss God" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:04PM Bailiff "Lookin' Away" from Remise
11:11PM Bailiff "Out of the Blue" from Remise
11:17PM The Chemicals "Green Grass" from MONO on Heirship
11:20PM The Chemicals "Lock the Door" from MONO on Heirship
11:25PM The Fights "Lock the Front Door" from Off Your Horse on Spur
11:36PM Hathaways & Tom Turino "Brisas" from Para Don Julio
11:39PM Grandkids "Powder Blues" from Timeshare on Heirship
11:44PM Elsinore "The Art of Pulling" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:49PM Emily Otnes "Help Me Please" from Against the Wind EP
11:52PM Abnormous "Mona" from abnormous nights
11:58PM Courtney Barnett "History Eraser" from The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas on House Anxiety/Marathon
12:02AM Haydn Quartet "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet" from Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet on Victor
12:11AM Ada Jones and Victor Light Opera Company "The Yama-Yama Man" from The Yama-Yama Man on Victor
12:14AM Edward M. Favor "I Love My Wife, but Oh You Kid!" from I Love My Wife, but Oh You Kid! on Edison
12:19AM Sophie Tucker "Reuben Rag" from Reuben Rag on Edison
12:21AM Frank C. Stanley "When the Bell in the Lighthouse Rings" from When the Bell in the Lighthouse Rings on Indestructible
12:25AM Bessie Wynn "My Pretty Little Piece of Dresden China" from My Pretty Little Piece of Dresden China on Edison
12:35AM Harry Champion "I'm 'Enery the 8th I Am" from An Old Time Music Hall (Second House) on Columbia
12:39AM Elsie Baker "Silent Night, Hallowed Night" from Silent Night, Hallowed Night on Victor
12:45AM Al Jolson "That Haunting Melody" from That Haunting Melody on Victor
12:48AM Enrico Caruso "Love Is Mine" from Love Is Mine on Victor
12:51AM Bob Roberts "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" from Ragtime Cowboy Joe on Victor
01:01AM Alan Turner "Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold" from Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold on Victor
01:05AM Henry Burr & Albert Campbell "When I Was Twenty-One and You Were Sweet Sixteen" from When I Was Twenty-One and You Were Sweet Sixteen on Columbia
01:10AM Henry Burr "Last Night Was the End of the World" from Last Night Was the End of the World on Victor
01:13AM Chauncey Olcott "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's an Irish Lullaby)" from Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's an Irish Lullaby) on Columbia
01:18AM John McCormack "The Foggy Dew" from The Foggy Dew on Victor
01:21AM Fred Van Eps "Whipped Cream" from Whipped Cream on Columbia
01:24AM Toots Paka's Hawaiians "Ninipo" from Ninipo on Edison
01:34AM Jaudas' Society Orchestra "Pick a Chicken" from Pick a Chicken on Edison
01:38AM Harry Champion "Little Bit of Cucumber" from I've Found Kelly on Columbia
01:44AM Dr. Clarence Penney "Azalea Waltz" from Azalea Waltz on Victor
01:47AM Heidelberg Quintet "By the Beautiful Sea" from By the Beautiful Sea on Victor
01:49AM Six Brown Brothers "That Moaning Saxophone Rag" from The Original Fox Trot on Victor
01:54AM American Quartet "It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary" from It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary on Victor

August 18:

11:04PM Lonely Trailer "Blue Car" from Secret Information Booth on Mud
11:19PM Braid "Many Enemies" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:21PM Braid "No Coast" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:33PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:37PM Withershins "Aquamarine" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:46PM Withershins "Mt Fuji in Blue" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:53PM Bantha "Progress Junction" from The Finest of Silks on Hammerhead
11:59PM Jesse W. Johnson "Ghost in the Flame" from Cannon Rows
12:03AM John Yorke Atlee "The Mocking Bird" from The Mocking Bird on Columbia
12:08AM George J. Gaskin "After the Ball" from George J. Gaskin on New Jersey
12:14AM Edward M. Favor "My Best Girl's a New Yorker" from My Best Girl's a New Yorker on Columbia
12:18AM Vess L. Ossman "Yankee Doodle" from Yankee Doodle on Columbia
12:23AM Columbia Orchestra "The Jolly Coppersmith" from The Jolly Coppersmith on Columbia
12:25AM Arthur Collins "Hello, Ma Baby" from Hello, Ma Baby on Edison
12:38AM Dan W. Quinn "Glorious Beer" from Glorious Beer on Columbia
12:41AM Len Spencer "I Am the Edison Phonograph" from I Am the Edison Phonograph on Edison
12:47AM May Kelso "Because" from Because on Edison
12:49AM Byron G. Harlan and A.D. Madeira "My Old New Hampshire Home" from My Old New Hampshire Home on Edison
12:56AM Edison Male Quartette "My Old Kentucky Home" from My Old Kentucky Home on Edison
12:58AM J.W. Myers "Come Back to Erin" from Come Back to Erin on Victor
01:05AM Toots Paka's Hawaiians "Pua O'hula" from Pua O'hula on Indestructible
01:08AM Damrosch Orchestra "Toreador's Song" from Toreador's Song on Columbia
01:16AM Henry Burr "Come Down, Ma Ev'ning Star" from Come Down, Ma Ev'ning Star on Columbia
01:18AM Joe Belmont "Independentia March" from Independentia March on Victor
01:22AM Bob Roberts "A Rare Old Bird" from A Rare Old Bird on Edison
01:25AM Helen Trix "The Bird on Nellie's Hat" from The Bird on Nellie's Hat on Edison
01:31AM Florrie Forde "How'd You Like to Spoon with Me?" from How'd You Like to Spoon with Me? on Zonophone
01:34AM Enrico Caruso "Pagliacci—Vesti la Giubba (On with the Play)" from Pagliacci—Vesti la Giubba (On with the Play) on Victor
01:43AM Cal Stewart "The County Fair at Pun'kin Centre" from The County Fair at Pun'kin Centre on Victor
01:45AM Paul Southe "Whoop-La-Willie, Don't Let Me Go" from Whoop-La-Willie, Don't Let Me Go on Columbia
01:49AM Victor Orchestra "The Glow-Worm" from The Glow-Worm on Victor
01:54AM Alan Turner "As Long as the World Rolls On" from As Long as the World Rolls On on Victor

August 11:

11:02PM Bailiff "Lookin' Away" from Remise
11:08PM Bailiff "Helicopter" from Remise
11:12PM Lonely Trailer "Strange Light" from Secret Information Booth on Mud
11:19PM Lonely Trailer "I Guess We'd Better Go for Donuts" from Secret Information Booth on Mud
11:22PM The Smashing Pumpkins "Let Me Give the World to You [Adore Outtake]" from Adore [Super Deluxe Box Set] on Virgin/UMe
11:30PM Braid "Many Enemies" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:32PM Braid "East End Hollows" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:36PM The Chemicals "Sleep" from MONO on Heirship
11:42PM The Safes "Hot Pursuit" from Record Heat on Wee Rock
11:45PM The Safes "Erased from History" from Record Heat on Wee Rock
11:47PM Abnormous "Mona" from abnormous nights
11:52PM The Fights "Lock the Front Door" from Off Your Horse on Spur
11:58PM Hathaways & Tom Turino "Brisas" from Para Don Julio
12:01AM Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Rami Jaffee "You Can't Fix This" from Sound City: Real to Reel on RCA
12:07AM Hotel Cinema "All You've Ever Known" from Hotel Cinema
12:14AM Susan Dillane "In My Head" from Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age on Music for Music Lovers
12:18AM Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Angel Baby" from Specter at the Feast on Abstract Dragon
12:22AM Beck "I Won't Be Long" from I Won't Be Long on FONOGRAF
12:27AM Ampersand Posture "1986" from 1986
12:32AM Editors "A Ton of Love" from The Weight of Your Love on Play It Again Sam/Hostess Entertainment Unlimited.
12:36AM Girls Against Boys "It's a Diamond Life" from The Ghost List
12:39AM Rival Schools "Sofia Loren" from Found on ShopRadioCast
12:42AM Paul Dempsey "History Eraser" from Shotgun Karaoke on EMI
12:46AM Menthol "I'm Ready" from Odds & Odds
12:50AM Pearl Jam "Swallowed Whole" from Lightning Bolt on Monkeywrench/Republic
12:55AM Silversun Pickups "Let It Decay" from Let It Decay on Dangerbird
12:58AM Local H "Another February [Radio Edit]" from The Another February EP on SlimStyle
01:02AM Garbage and Screaming Females "Because the Night" from Because the Night on Stun Volume/Fontana
01:07AM Emiliana Torrini "Go with the Flow" from Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age on Music for Music Lovers
01:12AM Minor Alps "Buried Plans" from Get There on Barsuk
01:14AM Sean Nelson "Born Without a Heart" from Make Good Choices on Really
01:18AM Bill Janovitz "Long Island" from Walt Whitman Mall
01:23AM The Mayflower Band "Radiation in Love" from Code Love
01:27AM Ruby "Last Life" from Waiting for Light on Fireweed
01:30AM Skunk Anansie "This Is Not a Game" from This Is Not a Game on 100%/Boogooyamma
01:35AM Kowabunga! Kid "Cut" from It Ends
01:37AM Vaudevileins "38-54-16" from Kung Fu Era​/​38​-​54​-​16 EP on Vaudevileins Music
01:42AM Sunjacket "Alligator" from Alligator
01:46AM Placebo "Scene of the Crime" from Loud Like Love on Elevator Lady Ltd/Vertigo/Capitol
01:49AM The Fantastic Plastics "Modern Age" from Devolver
01:52AM The 88 "I Got Lucky" from Fortune Teller on 88 Records
01:56AM Patriot Patrol "The Inbetween" from The Inbetween

August 4:

11:03PM Harvey Danger "Carlotta Valdez" from Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? on Arena Rock
11:05PM Puller "6 x 6" from Sugarless on Tooth & Nail
11:26PM Braid "Many Enemies" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:28PM Braid "Pre-Evergreen" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:33PM Jesse W. Johnson "Cannon Rows" from Cannon Rows
11:36PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:40PM The Chemicals "In the Afternoon" from MONO on Heirship
11:44PM The Safes "Hopes Up, Guard Down" from Record Heat on Wee Rock
11:46PM The Safes "I Would Love To" from Record Heat on Wee Rock
11:51PM The Fights "I'll Jump Off This Cliff If You Don't" from Off Your Horse on Spur
11:54PM The Fights "Old Movies" from Off Your Horse on Spur
11:57PM Lowder & Manning "Just a Little Rain" from Next Time Around on Scrambler
12:10AM Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Love Burns" from B.R.M.C. on Virgin
12:14AM Elusive Parallelograms "Street Legal" from Fragments on Modulation Sound
12:18AM Sleepcomesdown "Float like an Echo" from Cured by the Blur
12:22AM Thoughts Detecting Machines "In Grey" from Forget on Twelve Inch
12:26AM Terminus Victor "Submit" from Prevention vs. Intervention on Heirship
12:38AM Psychic Teens "BUG" from COME on SRA
12:41AM Jacuzzi Boys "Ultraglide" from Jacuzzi Boys on Hardly Art
12:45AM Cameron McGill "Albatross" from Gallows Etiquette on Post-Important
12:51AM Elsinore "The Art of Pulling" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
12:55AM Sleepy Kitty "Hold Yr Ground" from Hold Yr Ground on Euclid
01:01AM I:Scintilla "Skin Tight [Bounte Mix]" from Marrow 2 on Alfa Matrix
01:05AM Grandkids "Dark Ones" from Timeshare on Heirship
01:09AM That's No Moon "Kathryn" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
01:12AM The 92s "Everything [Alternate Mix]" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
01:16AM Finer Feelings "Travelers" from Finer Feelings
01:22AM Lynn O'Brien "Fed by Sunshine" from Light Everywhere on Lynn O'Brien
01:26AM Hathaways & Tom Turino "Diecisiete de junio" from Para Don Julio
01:31AM Big Bluestem String Band "Road to Lisdoonvarna/Morrison's Jig/Lady's Fancy" from Contra-Culture on Big Bluestem String Band
01:36AM Dan Hubbard "Heaven in My Backyard" from Livin' in the Heartland on Dead Letter
01:42AM The Fights "Your Heart Is the Coldest Thing I've Ever Had to Hold" from The Fights
01:45AM Curb Service "Cheque Mate" from Romeo Jive
01:49AM Barrowe "some.times." from some.times.
01:52AM Mudhoney "Sing This Song of Joy" from Vanishing Point on Sub Pop

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