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WEFT Sessions is LIVE local music on WEFT 90.1 FM
every Monday from 10-11pm.
Hear more local music on Local 901 from 11pm-midnight.

Watch and Listen to recent WEFT Sessions shows on Urbana Public Television cable access and on the UTPV6 YouTube channel and UTPV6's YouTube playlist.

Host: Todd Hunter

Booking:  E-mail Mike Ingram - weftsessions at gmail.com to play live or to pass your band's music along to WEFT.
All genres welcome.

Engineering: Mike Feldman - feldman at weft.org
Performers, read this:
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ON WEFT SESSIONS Mondays at 10:00 PM :

February 2:   The Dirt Poor - Garage Rock / Blues Rock / Alternative

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Local 901 Playlists for November 2014

November 17:

10:05PM Bantha "Progress Junction" from The Finest of Silks on Hammerhead
10:09PM The Eva Hunter Band "Pistol" from Butcher Town on Middle Option
11:06PM Poster Children "If You See Kay" from Daisy Chain Reaction on Sire/Reprise
11:12PM Feral States "Sins" from Dark
11:14PM Lonely Trailer "Jimmy You're Not a Werewolf" from Secret Information Booth on Mud
11:18PM Lonely Trailer "I Guess We'd Better Go for Donuts" from Secret Information Booth on Mud
11:21PM Paul Kotheimer "Where's the Party At?" from My Message on Hand-Made
11:32PM Paul Kotheimer "Liquid Pain Procrastination" from My Message on Hand-Made
11:36PM Withershins "Mt Fuji in Blue" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:51PM Hathaways & Tom Turino "Solischa" from Para Don Julio
11:54PM Hathaways & Tom Turino "Río Sal" from Para Don Julio
11:57PM The Chemicals "Broadcasting" from Chemicals
12:06AM Benny Goodman "Don't Be That Way" from The King of Swing on Bluebird
12:10AM Bessie Jackson "Pig Iron Sally" from Pig Iron Sally on Melotone
12:18AM Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra "Blue Moon" from Where There's Smoke—There's Fire on Decca
12:21AM Fred Astaire "Cheek to Cheek" from American Popular Song on Smithsonian/CBS
12:31AM Xavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra "The Cocoanut Pudding Vendor" from The Cocoanut Pudding Vendor on Victor
12:34AM Coro della Società Alpinisti Tridentini "Ohi de la Valcamonica" from Monte Canino on Columbia
12:43AM Sleepy John Estes "Drop Down Mama" from Married Woman Blues on Decca
12:46AM Tampa Red and Chicago Five "Let's Get Drunk and Truck" from Let's Get Drunk and Truck on Bluebird
12:52AM Lil Armstrong and Her Swing Orchestra "Brown Gal" from Brown Gal on Decca
12:55AM Louie Armstrong and his Orchestra "Lyin' to Myself" from The Classic Hoagy Carmichael on CBS
01:04AM Wingy Mannone and his Orchestra "Nickel in the Slot" from Nickel in the Slot on Vocalion
01:16AM "Fats" Waller and his Rhythm "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" from It's a Sin to Tell a Lie on Victor
01:19AM Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians "What's the Reason I'm Not Pleasin' You" from Down by the River on Decca
01:22AM The Boswell Sisters with Jimmie Grier and his Orchestra "The Object of My Affection" from The Object of My Affection on Brunswick
01:30AM Dolly Dawn and her Dawn Patrol "You Can't Pull the Wool over My Eyes" from George Hall and His Taft Hotel Orchestra (1933-1937) on Bluebird
01:33AM Hal Kemp and His Orchestra "There's a Small Hotel" from There's a Small Hotel on Brunswick
01:36AM Isham Jones and his Orchestra "Stompin' at the Savoy" from Stompin' at the Savoy on Decca
01:42AM Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra "Tea on the Terrace" from I'm in a Dancing Mood on Victor
01:45AM Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra "Parade of the Milk Bottle Caps" from John Silver on Decca
01:48AM Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra "Copenhagen" from Jungle Jitters on Decca
01:51AM Bing Crosby with Georgie Stoll and his Orchestra "Soon" from Down by the River on Decca
01:54AM Eddy Duchin and his Orchestra "Take My Heart" from Guess Who on Victor

November 10:

10:56PM The Darling Buds "Wave" from Erotica on Chaos
11:01PM Feral States "The Blurred Figure Waits" from Dark
11:05PM Feral States "Empty Sails" from Dark
11:13PM Rectangle "Western Union" from Uno Nunca Sabe on Stereorrific
11:20PM Withershins "Mt Fuji in Blue" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:27PM The Chemicals "All God's Creatures" from MONO on Heirship
11:33PM Coed Pageant "Schoolyard Town" from Drag
11:35PM Coed Pageant "Salvage the Summer" from Drag
11:39PM The Palace Flophouse "North Platte" from Bad Friends Forever
11:45PM Braid "Many Enemies" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:47PM Lonely Trailer "Strange Light" from Secret Information Booth on Mud
11:53PM Sleepy Kitty "All I Do Is Dream of You" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:55PM Paul Asaro "I Wish I Were Twins" from After the Sun Goes Down on Horton
12:00AM Henry Busse and His Orchestra "All I Do Is Dream of You" from Fool That I Am on Columbia
12:03AM Ted Wilson and his Orchestra "I Wish I Were Twins" from Why Don't You Practice What You Preach on Vocalion
12:10AM Mae West "(I Like) A Guy What Takes His Time" from (I Like) A Guy What Takes His Time on Brunswick
12:13AM Lucienne Boyer "Parlez-moi d'amour (Speak to Me of Love)" from Parlez-moi d'amour (Speak to Me of Love) on Columbia
12:21AM John Jackson and His Orchestra "I'm Playing with Fire" from Sittin' in the Dark on "His Master's Voice"
12:25AM The Chocolate Dandies "Krazy Kapers" from Once Upon a Time on OKeh
12:28AM Benny Goodman and his Music Hall Orchestra "Bugle Call Rag" from Nitwit Serenade on Columbia
12:34AM George Hall and the Hotel Taft Orchestra "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" from Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town on Bluebird
12:36AM Eddy Duchin and his Orchestra "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?" from Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? on Victor
12:42AM Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra "(When Your Heart's on Fire) Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" from (When Your Heart's on Fire) Smoke Gets in Your Eyes on Victor
12:46AM Frank Parker "Two Cigarettes in the Dark" from (It Was) Sweet of You on Columbia
12:53AM Paul Pendarvis and his Orchestra "Mississippi Honeymoon" from Mississippi Honeymoon on Columbia
12:56AM Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees "By a Waterfall" from By a Waterfall on Bluebird
01:05AM Ray Noble and his Orchestra "Isle of Capri" from Isle of Capri on Victor
01:13AM Bing Crosby with Jimmie Greer and His Orchestra "Shadow Waltz" from Shadow Waltz on Brunswick
01:16AM Ted Weems and His Orchestra "Blue Sky Avenue" from Blue Sky Avenue on Columbia
01:27AM Ted Fio Rito and His Orchestra "(I Don't Stand) A Ghost of a Chance with You" from (I Don't Stand) A Ghost of a Chance with You on Brunswick
01:30AM Grace Moore "One Night of Love" from Ciribiribin on Brunswick
01:37AM Mark Fisher & His Edgewater Beach Hotel Orch. "Black-Eyed Susan Brown" from Black-Eyed Susan Brown on Columbia
01:40AM Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra "Stompin' at the Savoy" from Swing Time! The Fabulous Big Band Era 1925-1955 on Columbia/Legacy
01:43AM Ethel Waters "Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All the Time)" from The Incomparable on Columbia/Legacy
01:47AM Larry Funk and his Band of a Thousand Melodies "Rain" from I'm Lonesome for You Caroline on Melotone
01:50AM Nat Finston and Paramount Studio Orchestra "Raftero" from Raftero on Victor
01:55AM Gene Kardos and his Orchestra "Zombie" from Moon Glow on Perfect

November 3:

Guest Host: Lorri Coey

11:00PM Withershins "Mt Fuji in Blue" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:07PM Withershins "Eternal Return" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:15PM Michael Meadows "The Man Who Obeys Signs" from The First Four Billion Years Are the Hardest on Michael Meadows
11:20PM Michael Meadows "The Four Billion Years Are The Hardes" from The First Four Billion Years Are the Hardest on Michael Meadows
11:25PM The Fights "I'll Jump Off This Cliff If You Don't" from Finer Feelings
11:29PM Bones Jugs n Harmony "Down Home Girl" from WEFT Sessions 19 August 2013 on WEFT
11:35PM The Chemicals "All God's Creatures" from Chemicals

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