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Local 901 Setlists for October 2004

Oct 25:
Rob McColley: "I Wish I Could Be a Smoker" from Juicy
Darrin Drda's Theory of Everything: "After All" from Darrin Drda's Theory of Everything
Angie Heaton: "Olyvia Smiles" from Let It Ride
Joni Laurence: "Trashbag Birdie" from Trashbag Birdie
Adam Wolfe: "Suspicious Minds" [Live] from WEFT Sessions
Bear Claw: "One Ending" from Find the Sun
Triple Whip: "Butcher" from Emergence
i:scintilla: "Havestar" from The Approach
Relenter: "The Finest Thread" from Through the Mirror
Menthol: "Future Shock"from Danger: Rock Science!
Poster Children: "Wanna" from Flower Plower
Ladyradio: "Torch Singer" from openingbands.comp

Oct 18:
Roscoe Plush: "Come Back Down" [Live]
Lorenzo Goetz: "Jesus Elephant"
Lorenzo Goetz: "Several Days Away"
The Invisible: "The Seasons"
Willis "Whitty" Whitesell: "Driving Home to Champaign"
Wasteoid Workforce: "Speaking in Tongues"
The Outnumbered: "Betrayed by the Ending"
Adam Henrichs: "Let's Ride Bikes!"
The Idle Hours: "Halloween Sequence"
The Idle Hours: "Kill You"
Shipwreck: "Angelbread"
Little Black Spiders: "20th Century Hand-Me-Down" [Live]
Civilian: "Little Ring"
American Minor: "Movin' on Up"

Oct 11:
Lorenzo Goetz: "Run There"
i:scintilla: "Capsella Bursa Pastoris" [Short Attention Span Remix]
Absinthe Blind: "Worth the Time Away"
American Minor: "Southern Belle"
Combo Audio: "Romanticide"
Nix 86: "Secretary"
Coalkitchen: "Falling in Love"
Relenter: "Bombshell"
Solips: "Skinny Pepi" [Live]
Honcho Overload: "Unicorns and Rainbows"
Shipwreck: "The Flood"

Oct 4:
American Minor: "Invited"
Menthol: "Q102"
Tracer: "Indigenous"
Terminus Victor: "A Scream in the Park" [Live]
The Beauty Shop: "Personal Jesus"
Poster Children: "10 O'Clock Tigers"
Honcho Overload: "Stereoblaster"
Adam Wolfe: "Too Late"
Cartographer: "Simon Takes Flight"

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