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Local 901 Setlists for December 2004

Dec 27: Mike Ingram's Best of show: all tracks from 2004 WEFT Sessions.
Brandon, Andy & Ian (of Temple of Low Men) - "Scream"
Cameron McGill - "Birmingham"
Solips - "Water Erosion"
Joni Laurence (feat. G. Lee) - "I Will Not Forget"
At Knifepoint - "the Other Side of the Tigris"
Civilian - "Ishmael"
Beat Kitchen - "Rock Steady"
Green Light Go - "I Miss Your Picture (But Not You)"
Nadafinga - "Don't Dump Me"
Synesthesia - "2 Stupid Robots"
Adam Wolfe - "Too Late"
Elsinore - "High and Dry"
Shipwreck - "the Flood"
Joyful Sorrow - "This Mind"
Darrin Drda's Theory of Everything - "Earthbound"
Kayla Brown - "34 Stories"
PSR - "(First Piece)"
Rodeo Girl Collective - "Freeway"
Lorenzo Goetz - "Sissyneck"
Ryan Hope and Rebecca Faber - "Ghosts"
the Locked Sound - "the Leash"
Angie Heaton - "Drive"
Sick Day - "Supposed"
Temple of Low Men - "Fire Escape"
Cameron McGill - "XO Hurts"
Ryan Hope and Rebecca Faber - "Listening to the Lies"

Dec 20: Todd Hunter's best of show: all tracks from WEFT Sessions.
Little Black Spiders: "Strategies for Selecting and Verifying Time over Fiction"
Temple of Low Men: "Hold Your Fire"
Lorenzo Goetz:"Sissyneck"
Elsinore: "Lakewater"
Kate Hathaway: "Spicy"
Kayla Brown: "Half as Far"
Mike Ingram: "You Know So Well"
Absinthe Blind: "Walls Covered in Hope"
Solips: "Skinny Pepi"
Desafinado: "Wave"
Adam Wolfe: "Suspicious Minds"

Dec 13: Best of 2004 Broadcast
Triple Whip: "Butcher" from Emergence
The Reputation: "Bottle Rocket Battles" from To Force a Fate
Absinthe Blind: "So You're the Hero" from Winning Is Our Business and Business Is Good
The Blackouts: "No Tomorrow" from Living in Blue
Shipwreck: "Sleeping in the Saddle" from Six Buttery Megahits
American Minor: "Movin' on Up" from The Buffalo Creek EP
i:scintilla: "Havestar" from The Approach
Mike Ingram: "Keeping Me Down" from One Less Tomorrow
Lorenzo Goetz: "Several Days Away" from Jesus Elephant
Poster Children: "Western Springs" from No more songs about sleep and fire.
Terminus Victor: "Strange Fulfillment" from A Warm Breath. and a Scream
Rob McColley: "The Shining Path" from Insults to an Ex-Girlfriend

Dec 6:
Angie Heaton: "Downed" from Let It Ride
L.P.: "Wasted" from Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol
American Minor: "Break" from American Minor
The Idle Hours: "Kill You" from The Idle Hours
Solips: "Seismologist" from Life Will Leave Its Mark on You
i:scintilla: "Capsella" [Toxin Mix] from Capsella
The Blackouts: "No Tomorrow" from Living in Blue
Sick Day: "Supposed" from Happy Ending
Darrin Drda's Theory of Everything: "So Close but Yet So Far

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