Compilation Cover Community radio station WEFT 90.1 FM has released WEFT Sessions 2002, a double-disc compilation of on-air performances by local musicians. The WEFT comp is available now, featuring 32 bands.

WEFT has been airing live music from local bands since it hit the airwaves in 1981. WEFT Sessions, one of the longest-running shows on WEFT, broadcasts live local music every Monday night at 10pm. Thanks to the show's sound engineer Mike Feldman, who began recording the shows for the bands and for WEFT's library, WEFT's first-ever compilation was created.

WEFT Sessions 2002 was hosted by Lori Serb, Ralph Roether, and Holly Rushakoff. Sound crew was Mike Feldman (engineer) and Jeff Bertolet. This comp was mastered by Brett Sanderson at Second Story, Champaign, IL. The CD cover was designed by Ralph Roether, the rest by Holly Rushakoff. Record Service and Dixon Graphics also helped make this comp possible. Thanks to the bands for donating a song, with proceeds benefitting WEFT.

The 2002 WEFT Sessions two CD Compilation is available for $12 plus $2 shipping and handling by downloading and mailing our order form or online by clicking on the PayPal button.

CDs are available at Borders for $16 and at Pages for All Ages. Please do not come down to the station to buy your disk!

  1. Lorenzo Goetz - Bad Dreaming
  2. Freddie Shaw Anderson - Skippin' Away
  3. Grooveyard - Warm Breeze
  4. Sarsaparilla - Not From the Sun
  5. Eleni Moraites - Sweetest
  6. Unbunny - dialogue about maps
  7. Unbunny - Swans Are Fainting
  8. Everybody Uh Oh - Rebuilding Year (For the Chicago Bulls)
  9. G. Lee & Jet Blonde - Everything is Changing
  10. Sincerely Calvin - Stars Line Up
  11. Dennis Close - Mystery Girl
  12. Ample Time - Tell Me True
  13. Shadows of Doubt - Too Late Now
  14. Paul Kotheimer - Radical Cheerleader
  15. Temple of Low Men - Outside
  16. Delta Kings - Cross That Line
  17. Noisy Gators - Jolie Blonde

  1. Robynn Ragland - Peace in the Water
  2. Red Hot Valentines - Already Gone
  3. Jiggsaw - I Think You're Lovely
  4. Saltwater Vampires - Natural
  5. The Invisible - The Invisible Man
  6. Some Velvet Morning - Clive Owen
  7. LadyRadio (formerly The Dynamo Theorem) - Truth or Consequence, New Mexico
  8. Solips - The Bottom of My Bathtub
  9. Humpty Dumpster - A Little Something Dangerous
  10. After Sundown - Everyone But Me
  11. Equinox - Halo
  12. Master Blaster - Rehab
  13. Doomsday feat. SM Arson and Spinnerty - The Go
  14. Designer Babies - Pharoh, Let Me Entertain
  15. Ill Noyz - Balla
  16. The Noiz Assembly - Hallow Hoot II

The media can contact WEFT Sessions host and comp organizer by email at Holly Rushakoff or by phone 352-6229.