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Local 901 Setlists for May 2005

May 30:
Kissinger: "Vicario" from Me and Otto
Kissinger: "Sister Vikki" from Me and Otto
Shipwreck: "Orphan" from Origin
Shipwreck: "Island of the City" from Origin
Tracer: "Indigenous" from Indigenous
Kate Hathaway "Come On" from Sprout Don't Pout
Kate Hathaway "Don't Walk Away" from Sprout Don't Pout
Desafinado: "O Gato" from Desafinado
Green Light Go: "Lions" from Green Light Go
American Minor: "Break"
Triple Whip: "Wudan" from Playlisted

May 23:
Little Black Spiders: "Mind over Action" from WEFT Sessions
Shipwreck: "Island of the City" from Origin
Shipwreck: "Buckle" from Origin
Triple Whip: "Wudan" from Playlisted
Desafinado: "Wave" from Desafinado
Rachel Braunstadter: "Hit" from One Level
Joanna Michal: "Silence Never Lies" from Impostor
i:scintilla: "The Bells" [Radio Edit] from The Approach
Decals: "Country Song" from Buildings & Body Parts
Decals: "Blip" from Buildings & Body Parts
Braid: "Do You Love Coffee?" from Movie Music, Vol. Two
Sullen: "Boys Are Worse" from Paint the Moon
Eva Hunter: "Night Is Still Young" from Thirsty

May 16:
American Minor: "Carolina"
Elsinore: "Wall of Bricks" from Playlisted
Missing the Point: "Patience of Fate" from Playlisted
Lorenzo Goetz: "Let It Out" from Jesus Elephant
Shipwreck: "Orphan" from Origin
Cameo Turret: "Lumberjack"
Relenter: "Bombshell" from Through the Mirror
Menthol: "A Bitter Feud" ("John Hughes 2000") from Danger: Rock Science!
Poster Children: "Clock Street" from Tool of the Man
The Elanors: "Poets" from A Year to Demonstrate
Jenny Choi & The Third Shift: "First Day" from The Jcatts EP
The Pitch: "Be Thou My Vision" from The Back of My Burning Hand

May 9:
Little Black Spiders: "Exit Wound" from WEFT Sessions
Shipwreck: "Cavern" from Origin
Shipwreck: "Island of the City" from Origin
Stark: "Better Class of Living" from Stark
Absinthe Blind: "Breathe the Screen" from Music for Security
Triple Whip: "7Heroes"
Cameo Turret: "Drowning in You"
Second Hand Poets: "For a Friend" from Virginia City Lounge

May 2:
10:00 PM:
Bullet Called Life: "The Name" from Playlisted
Mother: "Southern Bells" from Gold Record LP
11:00 PM:
The Pitch: "Be Thou My Vision" from The Back of My Burning Hand
Mad Science Fair: "Leave Me Alone" from WEFT Sessions
Theory of Everything: "Hug a Republican" from 'Evolution of the 'Art
Ladyradio: "Torch Singer" from openingbands.comp
Green Light Go: "Lions" from Green Light Go
Ripley Caine: "Full Moon" from Works in Progress
Stark: "Every Day" from Stark
i:scintilla: "The Bells" from The Approach
Terminus Victor: "Burning Capabilities" from More Ways than Three

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