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Local 901 Setlists for June 2005

June 27:
Shipwreck: "Souvenir" from Origin
Shipwreck: "Telegram" from Origin
American Minor: "She's So Fine"
David King: "Be My Love" from Duke of Uke
Theory of Everything: "Never Gonna Buy It" from 'Evolution of the 'Art
Kate Hathaway "What I Wanted" from Sprout Don't Pout
Megan Johns: "Coffee" from Dirty Shoes
Green Light Go: "All the Words" from Green Light Go
Green Light Go: "Lions" from Green Light Go
Scurvine: "Floor Tom Too" from Poke You in Your Eyes
Triple Whip: "Wudan" from Playlisted
Bantha: "Progress Junction" from The Finest of Silks
Stark: "Better Class of Living" from Stark

June 20:
Glifted: "The Scare" from Under and In
Triple Whip: "Imitate You" from Bare Boned
Summer Lawns: "Transmission" from First We Waited . Then It Started
Cortisol: "Amy to the Northwest" from The University of 4.5
Megan Johns: "Mary" from Dirty Shoes
Megan Johns: "Fog" from Dirty Shoes
Eva Hunter: "Anybody Any Good" from Thirsty
Kate Hathaway "Happy" from Sprout Don't Pout
David King: "She's the Bomb" from Duke of Uke
Rob McColley: "#68" from Insults from an Ex-Girlfriend .
Shipwreck: "Island of the City" from Origin
Beat Kitchen: "Rock Steady" from WEFT Sessions
Firewater: "Green Light" from The Ponzi Scheme
Braid: "Trompe le Monde" from Where Is My Mind? A Tribute to the Pixies
The Deathray Davies: "Her First Party" from The Day of the Ray
Beck: "Rental Car" from Guero
Death from Above 1979: "Black History Month" from You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
Terminus Victor: "Strange Fulfillment" from A Warm Breath . and a Scream
Relenter: "Strange" [Acoustic] from Through the Mirror
Joyful Sorrow: "To Be at War" from Quietude
Angie Heaton: "Godspeed the Plow" from Let It Ride
Robynn Ragland: "People You Know" [Tom Lord-Alge Remix] from People You Know
PJ Harvey: "We Float" from Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea

June 13:
Relenter: "In the Beginning" from Through the Mirror
Relenter: "Bombshell" from Through the Mirror
Relenter: "Strange" [Acoustic] from Through the Mirror
Kate Hathaway "Try to Feel" from Sprout Don't Pout
Kate Hathaway "Love You" from Sprout Don't Pout
Shipwreck: "Orphan" from Origin
Kissinger: "Outta the Car" from Me and Otto
Brendan Gamble: "Now" from Heartless Moon
David King: "Guru" from Duke of Uke
Cameo Turret: "Fall Down"
Garbage: "Run Baby Run" from Bleed like Me

June 6:
Kate Hathaway "Try to Feel" from Sprout Don't Pout
Kate Hathaway "Figured Out" from Sprout Don't Pout
Kissinger: "Certain Girls" from Me and Otto
Kissinger: "Vicario" from Me and Otto
Relenter: "Strange" from Through the Mirror
i:scintilla: "The Bells" [Radio Edit] from The Approach
Shipwreck: "Cavern" from Playlisted
Elsinore: "Wall of Bricks" from Playlisted
Theory of Everything: "Operation Love" from 'Evolution of the 'Art
The Poets of Caterwaul: "The Colors and the Hues" from Short Fiction
The Eva Hunter Band: "Pistol" from Butcher Town

12:00 - Local 901 morphs over What's New, Pussycat:
Madder Rose: "Black Eye Town" from Panic On
Ben Folds Five: "She Don't Use Jelly" from Lounge-A-Palooza
Curve: "Chinese Burn" [Flood Radio Edit] from Chinese Burn
Garbage: "Happy Home" from Bleed like Me
Shonen Knife: "Tomato Head" [Lemmy in There Mix] from Tomato Head
Some Velvet Sidewalk: "Mouse & Rat" from Whirlpool
Little Black Spiders: "Exit Wound" from WEFT Sessions

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