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Local 901 Setlists for July 2005

July 25:
TJH setlist apparatus vacant.

July 18:
Santanu Rahman: "Wudan"
Cortisol: "The Gold" from BRIL011
American Minor: "Walk On" [2003]
American Minor: "Walk On" [2005] from American Minor
Terminus Victor: "Your Nemesis" from Under Surveillance
The Living Blue: "Murderous Youth"
The Invisible: "The Rooftop Chimney Sweeper" from The Rooftop Chimney Sweeper
Brother Embassy: "Whodafunket?" from Whodafunket?
Menthol: "Dry Heaves (of the Well Adorned)" from Menthol
Shipwreck: "Sleeping in the Saddle" from Saguaro
The Poets of Caterwaul: "Happiness" from Short Fiction
Tom Paynter: "Ode to a Heckelphone" from Matchstick
Headlights: "Songy Darko" from EP2
Kissinger: "Vicario" from Me and Otto
Bingo Gazingo: "Oh Madonna (you stole my pants)" from Bingo Gazingo
The Flying Lizards: "Sex Machine" from Sex Machine
Soulwax: "NY Excuse" from Any Minute Now
Lorenzo Goetz:"Sissyneck" from WEFT Sessions
Luie Luie: "Sweet and Tender Touchy" from Touchy
Bill Cosby: "Dope Pusher" from Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs
Hot Snakes: "Who Died" from Suicide Invoice
Ash: "Jesus Says" from Nu-Clear Sounds
Relenter: "Bombshell" from Through the Mirror
i:scintilla: "Havestar" from The Approach

July 11:
American Minor: "Break" [2002]
American Minor: "Break" [2005] from American Minor
Nobody's Children: "Good Times" from Garage Beat '66 Vol. 4: I'm in Need!
Shipwreck: "Orphan" from Origin
Summer Lawns: "Transmission" from First We Waited . Then It Started
The Opportunists: "Just Like Reading Rainbow"
Cameo Turret: "Lumberjack"
Brother Embassy: "Black Inside" from Whodafunket?
Paul Kotheimer: "Rio de Janeiro Breeze" from 113 Carolina Avenue

July 4: 10:00
Lanterna: "B Minor" from Elm Street
Whitty Whitesell & The Life Parade: "Icicles" from Whitty Whitesell & The Life Parade
Laurie McColley: "Ellisong" from Gypped by Gyne
Farewell to Juliet: "Mood Swing" from Echoes of Laughter
Funky Butt Drum Club: "Breakfast" from Get a Load of This
Absinthe Blind: "Now We Glide" from Solarshift
Sarge: "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" from Distant
Swoon: "From the Ground" from Swoon
Poster Children: "Dangerous Life" from Flower Plower
Stark: "City's Insane" from Stark
Adam Schmitt: "Felt So Cool" from Illiterature
Paul Kotheimer: "Rio de Janeiro Breeze" from 113 Carolina Avenue
Eva Hunter: "Hangfire" from Fancy Prairie
Angie Heaton: "Where's Ed?" from Calamities and Restitution
Little Black Spiders: "Frequent Flyer" from WEFT Sessions
Triple Whip: "7heroes"
Relenter: "Homefront" from Through the Mirror
The Pitch: "This Is What I Came for" from The Back of My Burning Hand
Bullet Called Life: "The Name" from Playlisted
Shipwreck: "Coyote" from Origin
American Minor: "Southern Belle"
Kate Hathaway: "Figured Out" from Sprout Don't Pout
Megan Johns: "Tea" from Dirty Shoes
Temple of Low Men: "Hold Your Fire"
Lorenzo Goetz: "Flagrante Delicto (3some)" from Jesus Elephant
Colonel Rhodes: "Confess" from This Is Public
Sonic Youth: "Créme Brûlèe" from 100%
Hot Snakes: "This Mystic Decade" from Audit in Progress
Kissinger: "Vicario" from Me and Otto
Placebo: "English Summer Rain" from Sleeping with Ghosts
Interpol: "Specialist" from Interpol

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