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Local 901 Setlists for September 2005

September 26:
Little Black Spiders: "Strategies for Selecting and Verifying Time over Fiction" from WEFT Sessions
Ambitious Pie Party: "Ol' Boy" from All I've Learned Is Pushed Aside
The Living Blue: "She Bleeds Pink" from Fire, Blood, Water
The Living Blue: "Conquistador" from Fire, Blood, Water
Theory of Everything: "Wait and See" from 'Evolution of the 'Art
Megan Johns: "Tea" from Dirty Shoes
Kate Hathaway: "Try to Feel" from Sprout Don't Pout
Cameo Turret: "Fall Down"
Lorenzo Goetz: "Heavy"
Terminus Victor: "Your Nemesis" from Under Surveillance

September 19:
Mad Science Fair: "The World I Want" from . for a Better Tomorrow
Valina: "St. Petersburg Me Cannibal" from Vagabond
Shipwreck: "Buckle" from Origin
Terminus Victor: "Arctic Living" from Under Surveillance
The Machine in the Garden: "The Inside World" from Shadow Puppets
Headlights: "Put Us Back Together Right" from EP2
Lanterna: "West Side Highway" from Sands
Paul Kotheimer: "Everybody Smokes in Hell" from 113 Carolina Avenue
Brother Embassy: "Whodafunket?" from Whodafunket?
Below Eden: "Altitude" from Demo 2005
Poster Children: "0 for 1" from RTFM
Third Stone: "After Birth" from The Stuff
American Minor: "All My Time" from American Minor

September 12:
The Moon Seven Times: "Nashville" from Sunburnt
The Machine in the Garden: "Masks" from Asphodel
Terminus Victor: "Your Nemesis" from Under Surveillance
Relenter: "Bombshell" from Through the Mirror
Ambitious Pie Party: "Resistance" from Playlisted
Eclectic Theory: "Dead End Road" from Emergence
Shipwreck: "Orphan" from Origin
Love Cup: "Hi Pazoo" from Greefus Groinks and Sheet
Triple Whip: "Imitate You" from Bare Boned
The Living Blue: "Murderous Youth"
Lucky Mulholland: "Inside Room #2" from A Warm Breath . and a Scream
American Minor: "Shine" from American Minor

September 5:
Angie Heaton: "Godspeed the Plow" from Let It Ride
Joni Laurence: "Bowl of Raisin Bran" from Trashbag Birdie
Megan Johns: "Dan" from Dirty Shoes
Kate Hathaway: "Pour Another Round" from Sprout Don't Pout
Sanawon: "Scary Song" from Tiny Airplane
The Machine in the Garden: "Goodbye" from Shadow Puppets
Menthol: "What's Your Rationale?" from Danger: Rock Science!
Absinthe Blind: "Bands 1" from Rings
Shipwreck: "Telegram" from Origin
The Reputation: "March" from To Force a Fate
Mad Science Fair: "Leave Me Alone" from . for a Better Tomorrow
The Greedy Loves: "Can't Hurt"
Lorenzo Goetz: "Heavy"

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