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Local 901 Setlists for December 2005

December 19:
Theory of Everything: "The Present" from 'Evolution of the 'Art
Eric Jinks: "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" [Live]
Harvey Danger: "Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes)" from Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes)
Rob McColley & The Heather: "Early Birds Eat Worms" [Live]
Rob McColley & The Heather: "All the Best Things in Life Are Beautiful and Deadly" [Live]
Brother Embassy: "Tequila Mistletoe"
Absinthe Blind: "Silent Night" from Stuck in the Chimney (More Christmas Singles)
Andy Lund: "Carol of the Bells" from A Guitar for Christmas
Anomic: "Olor" [Radio Edit] from Docile Entropy

December 12:
Some of the Best of 2005
Kissinger: "Vicario" from Me and Otto
Shipwreck: "Orphan" from Origin
Terminus Victor: "A Scream in the Park" from Under Surveillance
American Minor: "Shine" from American Minor
Harvey Danger: "War Buddies" from Little by Little .
The Living Blue: "She Bleeds Pink" from Fire, Blood, Water no thanks to whatever wanker walked off with it
Beck: "E-Pro" from Guero
Sleater-Kinney: "Jumpers" from The Woods
Triple Whip: "Peace Is" from Snake Creeps Down
The Raveonettes: "Somewhere in Texas" from Pretty in Black
Relenter: "Bombshell" from Through the Mirror
Thee Shams: "Not Gonna Make It" from Sign the Line
Mad Science Fair: "The World I Want" from . for a Better Tomorrow

December 5:
The Outnumbered: "Why Are All the Good People Going Crazy?" from Surveying the Damage
Weird Summer: "The Car You Drive" from Cry for the Moon
Lucky Mulholland: "Tonight" from Pedestrians & Motorists
Lucky Mulholland: "Heather Lane" from Pedestrians & Motorists
Buffalo Tom: "Porchlight" from Let Me Come Over
Mad Science Fair: "Low Level Radiation" from . for a Better Tomorrow
Smoke Off Vinyl: "Let You Know" from Shindig
Cameo Turret: "Lumberjack"
American Minor: "Shine" from American Minor
Wasteoid Workforce: "BFX" from We Mean Business
Absinthe Blind: "Nicodemus" from Winning Is Our Business and Business Is Good

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