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Local 901 Setlists for April 2006

April 24:
The Vertebrats: "Left in the Dark" from Be a Caveman: The Best of the Voxx Garage Revival
Stark: "Retro Visionary" from Stark
Poster Children: "Not like You" from Just like You
Hot Glue Gun: "Dive" from Son of Uncharted (Volume Two)
Glifted: "The Scare" from Under & In
Lorenzo Goetz: "Sydney's Laugh" from Slowly
The Red Hot Valentines: "Wait for Summer" from Summer Fling
JigGsaw: "Zero Generation" from Zero Generation
American Minor: "Walk On" from American Minor
Relenter: "Strange" from Through the Mirror
Triple Whip: "Wreckin'"
Lanterna: "Summer Break" from Desert Ocean
The Invisible: "Take a Little Walk with Me"
Scurvine: "Floor Tom Two" [Calypso Version] from Poke You in You's Ears

April 17:
Honcho Overload: "Miserable" from Parasol's Sweet Sixteen, Volume One
Menthol: "New Recruits" from Danger: Rock Science!
American Minor: "Movin' on Up" from The Buffalo Creek EP
Theory of Everything: "Note to Self" from 'Evolution of the 'Art
Rob McColley: "I Wish I Could Be a Smoker" from Juicy
Joni Laurence: "Breathing" from Trashbag Birdie
Angie Heaton and the Gentle Tamers: "Drive" [Live]
Bullet Called Life: "The Name" from Bullet Called Life
Cameo Turret: "Lumberjack" from Withdraw
Mike Grill and the Downslope: "I'll Come Home" from One Eyed Jack

April 10:
Ward: "Boom" from A Warm Breath. and a Scream
Tony Sorrentino from Something for Sundown: "Here's to New Beginnings" [Live In-Studio]
elsinore: "Wall of Bricks" from Playlisted
Brother Embassy: "Whodafunket?" [Live] from Whodafunket?
Cameo Turret: "Dave's Porch" from Withdraw
Lorenzo Goetz: "La Salvadora" from The Heavy EP
The Like Young: "Snobs and Slobs" from Art Contest
Theory of Everything: "Wait and See" from 'Evolution of the 'Art
Shipwreck: "Orphan" [Sound Check] from WEFT Sessions
Mad Science Fair: "Leave Me Alone" from WEFT Sessions

April 3:
Temple of Low Men: "Snocone" from WEFT Sessions
Darling Disarm: "Volcano" from WEFT Sessions
Anomic: "OraciĆ³n" from Docile Entropy
Shipwreck: "Coma" from Origin
Terminus Victor: "Arctic Living" from Under Surveillance
Coco Coca: "The Everlasting Hand" from Coco Coca
The Chemicals: "Broadcasting" from WEFT Sessions
Angie Heaton and the Gentle Tamers: "Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise" [Live]
Megan Johns: "Tea" from Dirty Shoes
elsinore: "Lake Water" from from elsinore on display: a live CD
Machines that Think: "Into the End" from Red in Tooth and Claw

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