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Local 901 Setlists for June 2006

June 26:
Kate Hathaway: "Try to Feel" from Sprout Don't Pout
Shipwreck: "House of Cards" from House of Cards
Shipwreck: "Black Moon" from House of Cards
Bailey: "How to Feel" from +
Adam Schmitt: "Rip It Off" from Illiterature
Combo Audio: "Romanticide" from Record Service 20th Birthday
Honcho Overload: "Miserable" from The Mud Puddle Playoffs
Ward: "Mustang" from The Mud Puddle Playoffs
Rob McColley & The Heather: "Let's Blame Whitey for This"
i:scintilla: "The Bells" from Havestar
Garbage: "Can't Cry These Tears" from beautifulgarbage
Catherine Wheel: "Broken Nose" from Adam & Eve
Local H: "Mellowed" from Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles?
Cracker: "Sidi Ifni" from Greenland
Screeching Weasel: "Linger" from Emo
Girls Against Boys: "BFF" from You Can't Fight What You Can't See
Sonic Youth: "Turquoise Boy" from Rather Ripped
Terminus Victor: "Safety in Numbers" from Under Surveillance
R.E.M.: "E-Bow the Letter" from New Adventures in Hi-Fi
Madder Rose: "Black Eye Town" from Panic On
Fatboy Slim: "Right Here, Right Now" from Why Try Harder
Fatboy Slim: "Demons" from Why Try Harder
The Frauds: "The Church of Seduction & the Republic of Business" from The Frauds
Deconstructing Jim: "Fallen Comrade" from The Further, The Better
Bush: "Greedy Fly" [Video Mix] from Greedy Fly
Matthew Good Band: "I Miss New Wave" from Beautiful Midnight
Dragstrip Courage: "Novocain in the Park" from Prayers for the Lazy
Guster: "Airport Song" from Goldfly
Beth Orton: "Shadow of a Doubt" from Comfort of Strangers
The Beauty Shop: "Lazy Summer" from Paper Hearts for Josie
elsinore: "Antonymity" from WEFT Sessions
Poster Children: "6X6" [Live] from Zero Stars
The Surprise Package: "100% Vision" from Free Up
Malachi Constant: "Princess Billionaire" from Pride
Screaming Trees: "Shadow of the Season" from Sweet Oblivion
Pearl Jam: "Life Wasted" from Pearl Jam
The Smashing Pumpkins: "Cherry" from 1979
Harvey Danger: King James Version
Jawbreaker: Dear You
Hot Snakes: Audit in Progress

June 19:
Bailey: "Youth" from +
Rob McColley & The Heather: "Sugar Pills"
Shipwreck: "House of Cards" from House of Cards
The Chemicals: "Broadcasting" from WEFT Sessions
Scurvine: "Steeplechase" from Poke You in You's Ears
The Invisible: "So Long"
Cracker: "Something You Ain't Got" from Greenland
The Breaks: "Cutting Down" from Crescendo
Marmaduke: "Too Few Kittens" from Crescendo
Bellcaster: "Song for a Former Friend" from WEFT Sessions
Theory of Everything: "White Guys with Guitars" from Loveway

June 12:
Shipwreck: "House of Cards" from House of Cards
interview with John Owen
Salaryman: "Portwine Road" from The Electric Forest
Lanterna: "Riverside" from Desert Ocean
interview with Darrin Drda, part one
Theory of Everything: "White Guys with Guitars" from Loveway
interview with Darrin Drda, part two
reds: "I'll Never Understand"
Santanu Rahman: "Prove It"
interview with Nate Jones
Santanu Rahman: "Buy Me"
K.J. McKinnie: "Bi-Polar Blitz" from The Glorified Demo
Transition into What's New Pussycat
Society of the Golden West: "Exile on Baker Street"
The Cult: "She Sells Sanctuary" [Long Version] from The Love Mixes
"On the Franches Mountains" from Swiss Mountain Music

June 5:
Terminus Victor: "A Scream in the Park" from Under Surveillance
Shipwreck: "Sierra" from WEFT Sessions
Bellcaster: "Broken Horizontal" from WEFT Sessions
Lorenzo Goetz: "La Salvadora" from The Heavy EP
elsinore: "Timid Maggie Mae" from Nothing for Design
Cameo Turret: "Dave's Porch" from Withdraw
Triple Whip: "Feels Wrong" from Crescendo
Water Between Continents: "Kafka, in Profile" from Give It Up, Hand It Down, Put It On
The Red Hot Valentines: "Don't Bother" from Summer Fling
Temple of Low Men: "Hold Your Fire"
Spot: "Moon June Spoon" from AVCDEFG
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: "Smell of Incense" from Hallucinations: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets from the WEA Vaults

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