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Local 901 Setlists for July 2006

July 31:
The Vertebrats: "Psychedelia" from A Thousand Day Dream
The Vertebrats: "Big Yellow Bus" from A Thousand Day Dream
i:scintilla: "The Bells" from Havestar
The Reputation: "Bottle Rocket Battles" from To Force a Fate
Menthol: "John Hughes 2000" from Danger: Rock Science!
Cameo Turret: "John Hughes" from WEFT Sessions
American Minor: "Something You Ain't Got"
Cracker: "Something You Ain't Got" from Greenland
New Ruins: "Nameless" from The Sound They Make
Lanterna: "Luminous" from Desert Ocean
Salaryman: "Green Stamp" from The Electric Forest

July 24:
The Vice Dolls: "Bigger They Are" from Die Trying
Little Black Spiders: "Strategies for Selecting and Verifying Time over Fiction" from WEFT Sessions
Salaryman: "The Electric Forest" from The Electric Forest
Scale Model: "Merry Go Round" from Humdrum EP
Cameo Turret: "Dave's Porch" from Withdraw
elsinore: "Cannonballs" from Nothing for Design
G. Lee & Jet Blonde: "Joy" from Charm
Megan Johns: "Tea" from Dirty Shoes
Triple Whip: "Peace Is" from Snake Creeps Down
Shipwreck: "House of Cards" from House of Cards EP
Theory of Everything: "White Guys with Guitars"
Jason Bentley: "Darkness, Darkness" from [Life Story]
Mad Science Fair: "The World I Want" from .for a better tomorrow
The One Eyed Jacks: "Love" from You Gotta Have. Moxie Volume 2
Nikita the K: "Go Go Radio Moscow" from You Gotta Have. Moxie Volume 2
Niccolò Fabi: "Il male minore" from Niccolò Fabi
Authority Zero: "Mexican Radio" [Clean Mix] from Mexican Radio
Gerling: "Death to the Apple Gerls" from Death to the Apple Gerls

July 17:
Bantha "Progress Junction" from The Finest of Silks
Salaryman "The Vorticists" from The Electric Forest
Temple of Low Men "Languid" from Normal as Can Be
Adam Schmitt "Visited" from Demolition
Lanterna "Summer Break" from Desert Ocean
Emotional Rec Club "Under the Sun" from --
The Beauty Shop "Dutch Courage" from Yr Money or Yr Life
Mad Science Fair "No Room for Error" from For a Better Tomorrow
Solips "Cyra Loves You" from Life Will Leave Its Mark on You
Hardvark "Logan" from Memory Barge
Rob McColley "#68" from Insults to an Ex-Girlfriend
Headlights "Songy Darko" from EP2
The Idle Hours "Ice Lands Forming" from --
Centaur "The Begins" from In Streams

July 10:
Shipwreck: "Alias" from House of Cards EP
New Ruins: "Nameless" from The Sound They Make
New Ruins: "A Scribble" from The Sound They Make
New Ruins: "Run Up the Walls (with Shadows)" from The Sound They Make
Joni Laurence featuring Ryan Groff: "Lake Water" from With No Apology
Joni Laurence featuring Ryan Groff: "Breathing" from With No Apology
Combo Audio: "Romanticide" from Record Service 20th Birthday
Nix 86: "Secretary" from Record Service 20th Birthday
Scale Model: "Big Ideas" from Twilight Dim
The 1900s: "Bring the Good Boys Home" from Plume Delivery
i:scintilla: "The Bells" from Havestar
Mad Science Fair: "Shimmy Shammy" from .for a better tomorrow
The Outnumbered: "Betrayed by the Ending" from Record Service 20th Birthday
Coalkitchen: "Get It" from Thirsty or Not.Choose Your Flavor
Absinthe Blind: "Invisible One" from Music for Security
reds: "I'll Never Understand"
Relenter: "The Finest Thread" from Through the Mirror
Garbage: "Happy Home" from Bleed like Me
The Afghan Whigs: "Come See About Me" from Uptown Avondale
Sonic Youth: "Reena" from Rather Ripped
Art Brut: "18.000 Lira" from Bang Bang Rock & Roll
The April Crash: "Spaceman Spiff" from Toast Music
Swoon: "In the Phase" from Toast Music
The Sonics: "Leavin' Here" from Sinderella
Frogpond: "World Crash" from Safe Ride Home
Frogpond: "I Did" from Safe Ride Home
The Verve Pipe: "Villains" from MTV 120 Minutes Live
Firewater: "Isle of Dogs" from The Ponzi Scheme
Zwei: "Bleach It Black" from Turing Machine
Grandaddy: "The Crystal Lake" from The Sophtware Slump Sampler
The Sheila Divine: "Hum" from New Parade
Beth Orton: "Thinking About Tomorrow" from Daybreaker

July 3:
American Minor: "All My Time" from American Minor
elsinore: "Timid Maggie Mae" from Nothing for Design
Shipwreck: "Black Moon" from House of Cards
Starflyer 59: "A Good Living" from Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice
reds: "Waiting at Red Lights"
Deconstructing Jim: "One Half of the Perfect Equation" from The Further, The Better
Santanu Rahman: "Tired of"
Ike & Tina Turner & The Ikettes: "Contact High" from I Want to Take You Higher
Brother Embassy: "Freedom Man" [Acoustic] from WEFT Sessions
i:scintilla: "Havestar" from Havestar
Fluorescein: "Cathy's on Crank!" [Edit] from Cathy's on Crank!
Odds: "Someone Who's Cool" from Nest
The Lemonheads: "Dawn Can't Decide" from (Music from the Television Series) My So-Called Life
Frente!: "The Book Song" from (Music from the Television Series) My So-Called Life
Sullen: "No Sleep" from Paint the Moon
Scale Model: "P.S." from Twilight Dim
Scale Model: "Lost" from Twilight Dim
Cameo Turret: "News to Me" from WEFT Sessions
Sonic Youth: "Incinerate" from Rather Ripped
Mudhoney: "I Saw the Light" from Under a Billion Suns
Tar: "Q.V.C." from Over and Out
Matthew Good Band: "Apparitions" from In a Coma
Cracker: "Sidi Ifni" from Greenland
The Pale Pacific: "If Only She'd Leave Town" from Urgency
The Pale Pacific: "The Strangest Second Chance" from Urgency
Harvey Danger: "Picture, Picture" from Little by Little.
Kissinger: "Gold Rush" from Charm
The Afghan Whigs: "Going to Town" from Bonnie & Clyde EP
Valina: "Escort of Soda" from Epode
The Suicide Kings: "The Fade Away" from The Suicide Kings
Orbit: "Medicine" from Libido Speedway
Sleater-Kinney: "All Hands on the Bad One" from All Hands on the Bad One
The Like Young: "Obviously Desperate" from Last Secrets
Kate Hathaway: "Figured Out" from Sprout Don't Pout
Kate Hathaway: "Love You" from Sprout Don't Pout
Ripley Caine: "Full Moon" from Works in Progress

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