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Local 901 Setlists for August 2006

August 28:
The Vertebrats: "Left in the Dark" from Be a Caveman: The Best of the Voxx Garage Revival
Honcho Overload: "Miserable" from The Mud Puddle Playoffs
The Great Crusades: "Are We Having Fun Anymore?" from Four Thirty
The Greedy Loves: "Under Glass" from Give It Up, Hand It Down, Put It On
Lanterna: "Fog" from Desert Ocean
Menthol: "What's Your Rationale?" from Danger: Rock Science!
The Like Young: "For Money or Love" from Last Secrets
Headlights: "Hi-Ya!" from Kill Them with Kindness
The Red Hot Valentines: "Rubella" from Smoking Popes - Tribute
American Minor: "Shine" from American Minor
Flathead 6: "Run Sheriff Run" from Bad Spell
Angie Heaton: "Godspeed the Plow" from Let It Ride
Joni Laurence: "Coming Up for Air" from With No Apology
reds: "The Evening Sky"
Shipwreck: "Alias" from House of Cards EP

August 21:

Temple of Low Men: "Loose from the Race" from WEFT Sessions
Lorenzo Goetz: "Muy Macho" from Jesus Elephant
The Blackouts: "Let You Down" from Living in Blue
American Minor: "Get on It" [2002]
elsinore: "Timid Maggie Mae" from Nothing for Design
Third Stone: "Paint" from The Stuff
The Vertebrats: "Put Your Toys Away" from A Thousand Day Dream
Love Cup: "Even When I Sleep" from Greefus Groinks and Sheet
Terminus Victor: "Your Nemesis" from Under Surveillance
Rob McColley: "I Wish I Could Be a Smoker" from Juicy
i:scintilla: "Scin" from Havestar
i:scintilla: "The Bells" from Havestar


Headlights: "Pity City" from Kill Them with Kindness
Silversun Pickups: "Common Reactor" from Carnavas

August 14:

Cameo Turret: "Safe Inside"
The Reputation: "Some Senseless Day" from To Force a Fate


Probably Vampires: "Every Single Time" from Give It Up, Hand It Down, Put It On
Triple Whip: "Feels Wrong" from Crescendo
Terminus Victor: "Arctic Living" from Under Surveillance
Phyllis: "Disappointing You" from Phyllis
Mad Science Fair: "The Learning Curve" from .for a better tomorrow
Lorenzo Goetz: "Heavy" from The Heavy EP
Joni Laurence: "Bounce Back" from With No Apology
American Minor: "Boogie"
Poster Children: "0 for 1" from RTFM
Milo: "Car Crash" from Everybody Loves a History: Champaign-Urbana, Volume 2
The Living Blue: "Murderous Youth" from Fire, Blood, Water
Society of the Golden West: "Exile on Baker Street"

August 7:
Terminus Victor: "A Scream in the Park" from Under Surveillance
The Invisible: "Take a Little Walk with Me"
Shipwreck: "Atlantic" from House of Cards EP
Joni Laurence featuring Ryan Groff: "Lake Water" from With No Apology
Cameo Turret: "Safe Inside"
1090 Club: "Second Hander" from Shipwrecked on Shores
Cameo Turret: "Again"
Lynn O'Brien: "She Said"
Salaryman: "The Electric Forest" from The Electric Forest
Triple Whip: "Wreckin'" from Horsepower
Below Eden: "Altitude" from Demo 2005
i:scintilla: "Havestar" from Havestar
Garbage: "#1 Crush" from Vow
Absinthe Blind: "Orphans" from Rings
K.J. McKinnie: "Past Tense" from The Glorified Demo
Jumpknuckle: "Fish Legs" from Strawberry Twelve

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