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Local 901 Playlists for April 2008

April 28:

Guest star: Jason Pankoke.


Ambitious Pie Party: "Cascade" from All I've Learned Is Pushed Aside
Shipwreck: "Frost" from Walk in the Woods EP
Poster Children: "Evidence" from Flower Plower (Frontier)
Honcho Overload: "Two-Star" from Pour Another Drink (Mud)
The Vertebrats: "Robbery" from A Thousand Day Dream (Parasol)
Jason Bentley: "The Gemini" from Studio Bit Riot! Sketches
Carl Hauck: "Milt the Stilt" from Counter Intelligence
Tall Tale: "Tango" from Pirate Ship
Rob McColley: "#68" from Rob McColley Sings Insults to an Ex-Girlfriend and an Unrelated Song About Television, Because How Much Can You Really Say About One Not Very Complex, Dishonest Person
Harvey Danger: "Heroine with an E" from Harvey Danger


Angelfish: "Suffocate Me" from Suffocate Me the e.p. (Wasteland)
Nada Surf: "See These Bones" from Lucky (Barsuk)
The Long Winters: "New Girl" from When I Pretend to Fall (Barsuk)

April 21:

Guest star: Jason Pankoke.


Joni Laurence: "Anything" from With No Apology (Browntown)


The Reputation: "The Uselessness of Friends" from The Reputation (Initial)
The Moon Seven Times: "Nashville" from Sunburnt (Roadrunner)
Headlights: "Cherry Tulips" from Some Racing, Some Stopping (Polyvinyl)
Noah Harris: "Lion and Lamb" from The Sea and Age EP
American Minor: "Paradise"
Shipwreck: "Walk in the Woods" from Rabbit in the Kitchen with a New Dress On (None)
Pulsar47: "Angström" from Slow Motion Quest
oh my god: "Houston (Now You've Got a Problem)" from Fools Want Noise (Split Red)
Bailiff: "What I Was" from Mm Hmm
Carl Hauck: "Fragility" from Counter Intelligence
Snowsera: "Trends" from Snowsera, EP
Angelfish: "Kimberly" from Suffocate Me the e.p. (Wasteland)

April 14:

Guest star: Megan Foreman.

Honcho Overload: "Wish" from The Mud Puddle Playoffs (Mud)
Bantha: "Progress Junction" from The Finest of Silks (Hammerhead)
Absinthe Blind: "If You Move On" from Music for Security (Hammerhead)
The Moon Seven Times: "Knock" from 7=49 (Roadrunner)
Cameo Turret: "Safe Inside"
Poster Children: "Evidence" from Flower Plower (Limited Potential)
Three Hour Tour: "I Wanted You Around" from B Side Oblivion (Martian)
The Signal: "Endless List" from The Signal
Underpaid Packy: "Back to You" from Tales from a 5th Street Roof
Shipwreck: "Rabbit in the Kitchen" from Rabbit in the Kitchen with a New Dress On (None)
Centaur: "Life Begins" from In Streams
Harvey Danger: "Dining Car" from Harvey Danger

April 7:

Guest stars, in alphabetical order: David Dalpiaz, Matt Fellin, Andy Glaysher, Ryan Groff, Kevin McHugh.

Poster Children: "Evidence" from Flower Plower (Frontier)
Cameo Turret: "John Hughes"
Underpaid Packy: "Don't Do It" from Tales from a 5th Street Roof
Underpaid Packy: "Holding Hands in the Park" from Tales from a 5th Street Roof
The Signal: "Hide Your Eyes" from The Signal
Joni Laurence: "Sneak-up" from Trashbag Birdie
Casados: "Panama" from Passages
Snowsera: "Twenty Four" [Live] from WEFT Sessions
Harvey Danger: "Problems and Bigger Ones" from Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? (Arena Rock)

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