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Local 901 Playlists for July 2008

July 28:

Guest star: Martin Kouba of Green St. Records.


The Mighty Pranksters: "Instrumental Introduction" [Live]
The Mighty Pranksters: "Midnight Rider" [Live]
The Mighty Pranksters: "I Know You Rider" [Live]
The Mighty Pranksters: "Juke Joint Jump" [Live]
At Knifepoint: "Lotic" from Emergence (Green St.)
Shipwreck: "Cavern" from Playlisted (Green St.)


Triple Whip: "Feels Wrong" from Crescendo (Green St.)
Jack Pine Savage: "Pirate" from No Rights Reserved (Green St.)
Butterfly Assassins: "Hypocratocracy" from Free for All (Green St.)
Jonathon Childers: "Politically Correct" from Free for All (Green St.)
elsinore: "Wall of Bricks" from Playlisted (Green St.)
Carl Hauck: "Coffee on the Rocks" from Free for All (Green St.)
Orange Whip: "Keep It in Mind, Henry" from Don't Run Away from Your Feelings
Sarge: "Beguiling" from The Glass Intact (Mud)
Poster Children: "0 for 1" from RTFM (Reprise)
Bound Stems: "The Art of Invisible Repair" from Caught It on the Continent

July 21:

Little Black Spiders: "Strategies for Selecting and Verifying Time over Fiction" from WEFT Sessions
Shipwreck: "Angelbread" from Six Buttery Megahits EP
Salaryman: "Portwine Road" from The Electric Forest (Twelve Inch)
M.S.F.: "California Car Crash" from M.S.F.
Elsinore: "Antonymity" from The General EP
American Minor: "Shine" from American Minor (Red Ink/Jive/Zomba)
Local H: "24 Hour Break-Up Session" from Twelve Angry Months (Shout! Factory)
Gazelle: "Bridges" from Sunblown (A Hidden Agenda)
The Outnumbered: "Boy on a Roof" from Surveying the Damage (Parasol)
Solips: "Breaking Up by Letters" from WEFT Sessions
Lorenzo Goetz: "Wake Up (The Way It Goes)" from The Heavy EP
Sarge: "Bedroom" from Charcoal (Mud)
Cameo Turret: "News to Me" from You Bring It with You
Limblifter: "Ariel vs. Lotus" from Bellaclava (Universal)

July 14:

Elsinore "WEFT Sessions" re-broadcast of the Internet-only June 2 show.

July 7:


The Great Crusades: "Porch Song" from Four Thirty (Innocent Words)
The Lollipop Shoppe: "You Must Be a Witch" from Just Colour (Uni)
Rob McColley: "I Wish I Could Be a Smoker" from Juicy (Legal)


Poster Children: "6x6" from New World Record (spinART)
Shipwreck: "Orphan" from Origin
Shipwreck: "Sawbones" from Origin
Terminus Victor: "Your Nemesis" from Under Surveillance (Innocent Words)
Reptoids: "We Are the Wolves" from Slayer
Local H: "BMW Man" from Twelve Angry Months (Shout! Factory)
KaiserCartel: "The Good Ones" from March Forth (bluhammock)
Elsinore: "Antonymity" from The General EP
The Suede Chain: "Daisy Dawn" from Everybody Loves a History: Champaign-Urbana, Volume 3
Santa: "Poles" from No Rights Reserved (Green St.)
Headlights: "Hi-Ya!" from Kill Them with Kindness (Polyvinyl)
Harvey Danger: "Dining Car" from Harvey Danger

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