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Local 901 Playlists for November 2008

November 24:

Guest stars: Cole Rabenort, Nicholas Stine, Clayton Deering, Megan Foreman.


Cole Rabenort featuring Nicholas Stine, live acoustic:

1. "Tag Along"
2. "Church Choir"
3. "Blackberries and Currents"
4. "Come Brother, Please"
5. "Oldies on the Radio"
6. "The Wind Blows (Brick Wall)"
7. "Everybody Knows"
8. "White Jumpsuits on Parade"
9. "Marching Bands of Manhattan"


Little Black Spiders: "Frequent Flyer" from WEFT Sessions
Angie Heaton & the Gentle Tamers: "The Rumor Mill" from The Rumor Mill (Spur)
Elsinore: "The General" from The General EP
Curb Service: "Church Street" from Little Red Recovery Room
JigGsaw: "Zero Generation" from Zero Generation (Playing Field)
Cameo Turret: "News to Me" from You Bring It with You
Post Historic: "Delugeons" from Memory Banks of Blue
Hathaways: "Pusher" from Hand Me Down
The Brother Whys: "Thumbtacks" from I Wrote This with Our Bare Hands
Triple Whip: "Show" from Snake Creeps Down
Joni Laurence: "Sneak-up" from Trashbag Birdie
Black Lab: "Wash It Away" from Your Body Above Me: The Director's Cut

Mirror Ball Associates: "Right Here Right Now" from Covers Volume I

November 17:

Guest stars: Jason Pankoke, Micah Boyce.


Absinthe Blind: "Today You Can Do What You Did Twenty Years Ago" from Rings (Philter)
Bound Stems: "When Its Behind Yr Back" from Levity EP


Smoking Popes: "Capital Cristine" from Destination Failure (Capitol)
Snowsera: "24" from Fictions
Bound Stems: "Easy Chair" from Caught It on the Continent
Angie Heaton: "Easy Chair" from Calamities & Restitution (Mud)
Poster Children: "Where We Live" from Daisy Chain Reaction (Sire/Reprise)
Santanu Rahman: "Wudan"
Local H: "Simple Pleas" from Twelve Angry Months (Shout! Factory)
Twiggy: "Blood on the Balcony" from Everybody Loves a History: Champaign-Urbana, Volume 2
Hathaways: "Experiment" from Hand Me Down
Tree Thump: "Blood Root" from Tree Thump (Vermin Sundial)


Nada Surf: "From the Rooftop Down" from The Weight Is a Gift (Barsuk)

November 10:

Guest stars: Angie Heaton, Jim Cookas, Rob Martz.


Little Black Spiders: "Exit Wound" from WEFT Sessions
Mike Ingram: "Keeping Me Down" from One Less Tomorrow (FWM)
Absinthe Blind: "City Soul" from Winning Is Our Business and Business Is Good
Ryan Groff: "Harrison St." from People in the Midwest (Parasol)
I:Scintilla: "Toy Soldier" from Optics (Alfa Matrix)
Cameo Turret: "Again" from You Bring It with You
The Beauty Shop: "Ambulance" from Just Some Demos
The Reputation: "This Town" from The Reputation (Initial)
Eva Hunter: "Anybody Any Good" from Thirsty


Beaujolais: "Love at Thirty" from Love at Thirty (Parasol)

November 3:

Guest star: Megan Foreman.


Shipwreck: "Frost" from Walk in the Woods EP
Poster Children: "Blatant Dis" from Tool of the Man (Sire/Reprise)
Terminus Victor: "A Scream in the Park" from Under Surveillance (Innocent Words)
New Ruins: "Lake" from We Make Our Own Bad Luck (A Hidden Agenda)
Beaujolais: "Please Don't Let This Be True" from Love at Thirty (Parasol)
Tractor Kings: "Black Hole in My Heart" from Homesick (Spur)
Local H: "Blur" from Twelve Angry Months (Shout! Factory)
The Brother Whys: "Acid Rain" from I Wrote This with Our Bare Hands
The Dandy Warhols: "Hells Bells" from Tales from Slabtown, Vol. 2 (Capitol)
Desafinado: "O Gato" from Desafinado
Van Morrison: "Jump and Thump" from The Complete Bang Sessions (Cleopatra)
Stone Temple Pilots: "Art School Girl" from Tiny Music. Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop (Atlantic)
Hathaways: "Panda Sorrow Part One" from Hand Me Down
Barry McGuire: "Eve of Destruction" from Nuggets, Vol. 10: Folk Rock (Rhino)

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