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Local 901 Playlists for January 2009

January 26:

Guest stars: Jason Pankoke, Megan Foreman.

The Red Hot Valentines: "Pocket Full of Secrets" from Summer Fling (Polyvinyl)
The Red Hot Valentines: "Wishful Thinking" from Summer Fling (Polyvinyl)
Terminus Victor: "Viewers like You" from Under Surveillance (Innocent Words)
PJ Harvey: "Rid of Me" from Rid of Me (Island)
The Vertebrats: "Robbery" from A Thousand Day Dream (Parasol)
The Outnumbered: "Cover Me with Flowers" from Surveying the Damage (Parasol)
Absinthe Blind: "Walls Covered in Hope" from Rings (Mud)
Bound Stems: "Taking Tips from the Gallery Gang" from The Family Afloat (Flameshovel)
Snowsera: "Trends" from Snowsera, EP
Post Historic: "Serotonin" from Memory Banks of Blue

January 19:

Guest stars: Stan & Mack McConnell of Santa.


Temple of Low Men: "Concentrate" from WEFT Sessions
Temple of Low Men: "Snocone" from WEFT Sessions
Santa: "A Crumble" from My Bones
Van Morrison: "Shake It Mable" from The Complete Bang Sessions (Cleopatra)
Post Historic: "Burned by the Sea" from Memory Banks of Blue
Local H: "Simple Pleas" from Twelve Angry Months (Shout! Factory)
Monday's Child: "Lights Gone Out" from From the Ashes EP
Tractor Kings: "Bright Lights and Headlights" from Homesick (Spur)
Ward: "Boom" from A Warm Breath. and a Scream (Innocent Words)
Menthol: "What's Your Rationale?" from Danger: Rock Science! (Hidden Agenda)
Triple Whip: "The Stops" from Bare Boned (Innocent Words)


The Airborne Toxic Event: "Sometime Around Midnight" from The Airborne Toxic Event (Shout! Factory)

January 12:

Guest star: Megan Foreman.

Rob McColley: "The Shining Path" from Rob McColley Sings Insults to an Ex-Girlfriend and an Unrelated Song About Television, Because How Much Can You Really Say About One Not Very Complex, Dishonest Person (Legal)
Ryan Groff: "Harrison St." from People in the Midwest (Parasol)
The Beauty Shop: "Ambulance" from Just Some Demos
New Ruins: "Symptoms" from We Make Our Own Bad Luck (A Hidden Agenda)
American Minor: "All My Time" from American Minor (Red Ink/Jive/Zomba)
The Red Hot Valentines: "Fair Warning" from Summer Fling (Polyvinyl)
Sullen: "War Forges On" from Paint the Moon (Thick)
Curb Service: "This Is Life" from Fly Casual
Snowsera: "I See" from Fictions
Post Historic: "Serotonin" from Memory Banks of Blue
HUM: "Comin' Home" from Downward Is Heavenward (RCA)
Brother Embassy: "Right On!" from Music Knows No Color but Love

January 5:

Guest stars: Nathan Schwalm, Megan Foreman.


Gazelle: "Phasedown" from Sunblown (A Hidden Agenda)


Absinthe Blind: "Shout" from Winning Is Our Business and Business Is Good
Combo Audio: "Romanticide" from Romanticide (Secret)
The Outnumbered: "Numb to Tears" from Holding the Grenade Too Long (Homestead)
The Outnumbered: "Equal Time" from Holding the Grenade Too Long (Homestead)
Curb Service: "Any Better Ideas" from Fly Casual
Snowsera: "Runaway" from Fictions
New Ruins: "Symptoms" from We Make Our Own Bad Luck (A Hidden Agenda)
The Number One Sons: "Salvation Army" from The Number One Sons
Shipwreck: "Rabbit in the Kitchen" from Rabbit in the Kitchen with a New Dress On (None)
Poster Children: "Wanna" from Flower Plower (Frontier)
Poster Children: "Evidence" from Flower Plower (Frontier)

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