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Local 901 Playlists for October 2013

October 28:

10:57PM Elsinore "The Art of Pulling" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:04PM Elsinore "Sinister Sister" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:08PM Sleepcomesdown "Beneath the Dream" from Cured by the Blur
11:13PM Sleepcomesdown "Float like an Echo" from Cured by the Blur
11:17PM Lanterna "Dragon Season" from Live Recordings on Independent Project/Parasol
11:24PM Grandkids "Go Through with It" from Timeshare on Heirship
11:33PM Hathaways "The Record Skips" from The Parasol Sessions Volume One on Parasol
11:36PM Terminus Victor "Submit" from Prevention vs. Intervention on Heirship
11:42PM I:Scintilla "Skin Tight [Bounte Mix]" from Marrow 2 on Alfa Matrix
11:53PM JET W. LEE "Memory Banks of Blue" from Western Nightmare
11:57PM Hemmingbirds "Vineyards" from The Vines of Age on Sun Channel Music
12:03AM Pizzicato Five "Good! [Edit]" from The Sound of Music on Matador
12:07AM Pure "God Intended for Me to Surf" from Extra Purestrial on Shag
12:12AM The Dismemberment Plan "Soon to Be Ex Quaker" from ! on DeSoto
12:14AM Wesley Willis "I'm Sorry That I Got Fat" from Greatest Hits on Alternative Tentacles
12:18AM Whale "Pay for Me" from Pay for Me on Hut
12:29AM PJ Harvey "Down by the Water" from Down by the Water on Island
12:32AM Garbage "Girl Don't Come" from Only Happy When It Rains on ALMO Sounds
12:34AM Schtum "Skydiver" from Grow on WORK
12:43AM Matthew Good Band "Vermilion" from Last of the Ghetto Astronauts on A&M/Darktown
12:48AM For Squirrels "Orangeworker" from Example on 550 Music
12:56AM Everclear "Heroin Girl" from Sparkle and Fade on Capitol
12:58AM Foo Fighters "I'll Stick Around" from Foo Fighters on Capitol
01:06AM Orbit "Made of Wood" from La Mano on Lunch
01:10AM Poster Children "He's My Star" from Junior Citizen on Sire/Reprise
01:17AM Buffalo Tom "Summer" from Sleepy Eyed on eastwest
01:21AM Goo Goo Dolls "Name" from A Boy Named Goo on Metal Blade
01:26AM HUM "Suicide Machine" from You'd Prefer an Astronaut on RCA
01:32AM Tripping Daisy "Piranha" from Piranha on Island
01:39AM Spot "Moon June Spoon" from Spot on Ardent
01:44AM Corn Flakes "Cruel to Me" from Ruido? on RCA
01:46AM Hole "Violet" from Violet on Geffen
01:49AM The Smashing Pumpkins "Porcelina of the Vast Oceans" from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness on Virgin

October 21:

11:02PM Elsinore "Ultraviolence" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:09PM JET W. LEE "Forty Below" from Western Nightmare
11:16PM Hemmingbirds "Oak Tree" from The Vines of Age on Sun Channel Music
11:20PM Paul Roub "What I Just Said" from Full of Holes
11:22PM Grandkids "Collegiate Peaks" from Timeshare on Heirship
11:28PM Zach Vinson "Seep" from The Streets Will Turn to Streams on Honey & Milk Music
11:31PM The Fights "Your Heart Is the Coldest Thing I've Ever Had to Hold" from The Fights
11:34PM Curb Service "Romeo Jive" from Romeo Jive
11:38PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Machines" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:43PM Shipwreck "Backbone" from Rabbit in the Kitchen with a New Dress On on None
11:46PM Ring, Cicada "I Remember" from a warm breath... and a scream on Innocent Words
11:50PM Firetrucs "Telephone" from a warm breath... and a scream on Innocent Words
11:56PM Hathaways "From the Start" from The Parasol Sessions Volume One on Parasol
12:02AM Spacehog "In the Meantime [Edit]" from Was It Likely? on Sire
12:06AM Folk Implosion "Natural One [Original Mix]" from Natural One on London
12:12AM Ruby "Tiny Meat [Radio Edit]" from Tiny Meat on Creation/Work
12:16AM Reacharound "Big Chair" from Big Chair on Carport
12:22AM Limblifter "Screwed It Up [2012 Remaster]" from Limblifter [2012 Analog Remaster] on We Are Busy Bodies
12:26AM Local H "Mayonnaise and Malaise [Radio Edit]" from The Island Years on Island
12:33AM Poe "Trigger Happy Jack (Drive by a Go-Go) [Radio Edit]" from Trigger Happy Jack on Modern
12:37AM The Cranberries "Ridiculous Thoughts [Radio Edit]" from Stars - The Best of The Cranberries (1992-2002) on Island
12:45AM Black Grape "Kelly's Heroes [Single Edit]" from Kelly's Heroes on radioactive
12:49AM Pulp "Common People [7" Edit]" from Common People on Island
12:56AM Catherine Wheel "Waydown" from Waydown on Fontana
12:59AM Skunk Anansie "Weak [Ackee and Saltfish Mix]" from Weak on One Little Indian
01:12AM Brick Factory "Not So Manic Now" from Somebody's Intermezzo EP on Frantic Fran
01:17AM Pollyanna "Lemonsuck" from Lemonsuck on Mushroom
01:20AM Lemonheads "Dawn Can't Decide" from My So-Called Life on Atlantic
01:25AM Archers of Loaf "South Carolina" from My So-Called Life on Atlantic
01:28AM Pearl Jam "I Got ID" from Rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991-2003) on Epic
01:36AM Stabbing Westward "What Do I Have to Do? [Radio Edit]" from What Do I Have to Do? on Columbia
01:40AM Nada Surf "Deeper Well [7" Version]" from north 6th st. on No. 6
01:49AM Ben Folds Five "Underground [Edit]" from Underground on Caroline
01:53AM Menthol "Stress Is Best [Clean Edit]" from Stress Is Best on Capitol

October 14:

11:03PM Grandkids "Dark Ones" from Timeshare on Heirship
11:08PM Grandkids "Engines" from Timeshare on Heirship
11:12PM Elsinore "New England" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:18PM Paul Roub "Full of Holes" from Full of Holes
11:25PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Machines" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:36PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "In Grey" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:40PM Zach Vinson "Left Hands" from The Streets Will Turn to Streams on Honey & Milk Music
11:46PM Zach Vinson "Holy Fiber" from The Streets Will Turn to Streams on Honey & Milk Music
11:49PM Bookmobile! "Please Go Away" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:52PM The Dirty Feathers "If Your Love Is a Drug (Then I'm Feeling Sick)" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:55PM Curb Service "Cheque Mate" from Romeo Jive
11:58PM Elusive Parallelograms "Lucidity" from Fragments on Modulation Sound
12:03AM Nada Surf "The Plan [7" Version]" from north 6th st. on No. 6
12:07AM The Dismemberment Plan "If I Don't Write" from Can We Be Mature on Alcove
12:16AM Honcho Overload "Molasses" from Pour Another Drink on Mud
12:21AM Dinosaur Jr "Feel the Pain" from Feel the Pain on Sire/Reprise
12:29AM Sunny Day Real Estate "Seven" from Diary on Sub Pop
12:34AM R.E.M. "Bang and Blame" from Bang and Blame on Warner Bros.
12:42AM The Nixons "Wire" from Halo on RainMaker
12:47AM Gods Child "Everybodys 1 [Edit]" from Everybodys 1 on Warner Bros.
01:01AM MC 900 Ft. Jesus "But If You Go" from One Step Ahead of the Spider on American
01:06AM For Squirrels "Flagboy" from Baypath Rd
01:15AM Garbage "Vow" from Garbage on ALMO Sounds
01:19AM Velocity Girl "Your Silent Face" from Your Silent Face on Merge
01:28AM Toad the Wet Sprocket "Something's Always Wrong" from Dulcinea on Columbia
01:33AM The Choir "Weather Girl" from Speckled Bird on R.E.X.
01:42AM Gas Huffer "Boot Check" from The Shrill Beeps of Shrimp on Au Go Go
01:46AM Closedown "Red Oval" from Nearfield on Silent

October 7:

11:05PM Elsinore "Ultraviolence" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:47PM Elsinore "New England" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:53PM Grandkids "Powder Blues" from Timeshare on Heirship
11:57PM Letters to Cleo "Here & Now" from Aurora Gory Alice on CherryDisc
12:03AM Letters to Cleo "Here & Now" from Aurora Gory Alice on Giant
12:07AM Throwing Muses "Bright Yellow Gun" from Bright Yellow Gun on 4AD
12:10AM The Cranberries "Empty" from No Need to Argue (The Complete Sessions 1994–1995) on Island
12:16AM Madder Rose "Sleep, Forever" from Panic On on Atlantic/Seed
12:19AM Angelfish "The Sun Won't Shine" from Angelfish on radioactive
12:23AM Magnapop "Slowly, Slowly" from Big Bright Cherry on Priority
12:27AM Elastica "Connection" from Connection on Geffen
12:31AM Sonic Youth "Bull in the Heather" from Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star on Geffen
12:34AM Shonen Knife "Tomato Head [Z-Mix]" from Tomato Head on Virgin
12:39AM Stereolab "Pain et Spectacles" from Ping Pong on Duophonic
12:42AM W.G. Snuffy Walden ""My So-Called Life" Theme" from My So-Called Life on Atlantic
12:44AM Poster Children "Not like You" from Just like You EP on Sire/Reprise
12:48AM The Smashing Pumpkins "Rocket" from Siamese Dream on Virgin
12:52AM Certain Distant Suns "Bitter" from Happy on the Inside on Giant
12:56AM Harvey Danger "Love Bug" from Harvey Danger
01:00AM Our Lady Peace "Starseed" from Naveed on Relativity
01:04AM Pearl Jam "Glorified G" from Vs. on Epic/Legacy
01:09AM Nirvana "Pennyroyal Tea [Scott Litt Remix]" from Nirvana on Geffen
01:13AM Sponge "Plowed" from Rotting Piñata on Chaos/Columbia
01:16AM Bush "Monkey" from Sixteen Stone on Trauma
01:23AM Los Planetas "Si está bien" from Canciones para una Orquesta Química on RCA
01:26AM Cancer Moon "Girls Hangin' Round" from Ruido? on RCA
01:33AM Lemonheads "Mrs. Robinson" from Mrs. Robinson & Being Around on Atlantic
01:37AM Soul Coughing "Down to This" from Ruby Vroom on Slash/Warner Bros.
01:40AM Love Spit Love "Am I Wrong" from Love Spit Love on Imago
01:47AM The Mono Men "Mystery Girl" from Sin and Tonic on Estrus

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