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Local 901 Playlists for April 2014

April 28:

11:06PM Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen "Cigarettes" from Tolono on Rebecca Rego & the Trainmen
11:14PM Ashley Riley "Love Shark" from All the Pretty Things on Riled Up
11:18PM I:Scintilla "Swimmers Can Drown" from Live on JBTV
11:22PM Hank. "London" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:28PM Jesse W. Johnson "Cannon Rows" from Cannon Rows
11:31PM Jesse W. Johnson "Expecting to Fall" from Cannon Rows
11:35PM Sleepy Kitty "Don't You Start" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:40PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:45PM Elephant Stereo "Happy Birthday" from Open Sesame
11:48PM Cameron McGill "Sucker Love" from Gallows Etiquette on Post-Important
11:52PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "This Is the Pulse" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:56PM The Fantastic Plastics "Rail Ale" from Outsiders
12:00AM Elsinore "The Long Run" from Nothing for Design on Elsinore
12:06AM Ambulance LTD "New English" from New English EP on TVT
12:08AM Harvey Danger "We Drew the Maps" from Little Round Mirrors on Barsuk
12:14AM Secret Machines "Alone, Jealous and Stoned" from Morning Becomes Eclectic -Live at KCRW- on Junketboy
12:22AM Placebo "Broken Promise" from Meds on Astralwerks/EMI/Elevator
12:26AM Afterhours "Ballad for My Little Hyena" from Ballads for Little Hyenas on One Little Indian
12:33AM Richard Cheese "Ice Ice Baby" from Silent Nightclub on Surfdog
12:36AM Amy Winehouse "Rehab" from Back to Black on Universal Republic
12:39AM Feeder "High 5" from Lost and Found on Echo
12:43AM The Living Blue "Serrated Friend [Radio Edit]" from Serrated Friend
12:46AM Midlake "Roscoe" from The Trials of Van Occupanther on Bella Union
12:51AM Snowsera "The Floor's at Ease" from N/A
12:56AM Jarvis Cocker "Fat Children" from Jarvis on Rough Trade
12:59AM The Twilight Singers "Underneath the Waves" from Powder Burns on One Little Indian
01:06AM Strawberry Whiplash "Who's in Your Dreams?" from Who's in Your Dreams? on Matinée
01:09AM The Capillaries "Love Conquers All" from Love Conquers Some masters
01:13AM Editors "French Disko" from Rarities on Fader
01:17AM Joni Laurence "Just Goodbye" from Just Goodbye
01:21AM Jesse W. Johnson "Bluebird" from Post Historic
01:27AM Danny Saul "What Jail Is Like" from Summer's Kiss: A Tribute to The Afghan Whigs on Summer's Kiss
01:30AM Owls & Crows "New Burn" from Owls & Crows
01:35AM Hot Snakes "U.S. Mint" from Thunder Down Under on Swami
01:37AM The Breaks "Cutting Down" from Crescendo on Green St.
01:43AM KJ McKinnie & Bruce Sain "Violet Blue" from Give It Up, Hand It Down, Put It On on GCAP
01:49AM Bruiser & The Virtues "I Don't Like You" from Give It Up, Hand It Down, Put It On on GCAP
01:53AM The Like Young "Obviously Desperate" from Last Secrets on Polyvinyl

April 21:

11:05PM Elsinore "The Thermostat, The Telephone" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:12PM Terminus Victor "Cue the Disclaimer" from Prevention vs. Intervention on Heirship
11:16PM Terminus Victor "Submit" from Prevention vs. Intervention on Heirship
11:23PM I:Scintilla "The War to Win" from Live on JBTV
11:28PM I:Scintilla "Skin Tight" from Live on JBTV
11:35PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:38PM Wicked Walls "Behind the Glass" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:42PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "In Grey" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:46PM Withershins "A Patient Boy" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:54PM Lowder & Manning "Maybe Love" from Next Time Around on Scrambler
11:57PM Jesse W. Johnson "Without Rings" from Cannon Rows
12:00AM Triple Whip "Feels Wrong" from Crescendo on Green St.
12:06AM The Greedy Loves "Under Glass" from Give It Up, Hand It Down, Put It On on GCAP
12:10AM Water Between Continents "Kafka, in profile" from Give It Up, Hand It Down, Put It On on GCAP
12:13AM Lanterna "Summer Break" from Desert Ocean on Jemez Mountain
12:20AM Headlights "Hi-Ya!" from Kill Them With Kindness on Polyvinyl
12:23AM JigGsaw "Zero Generation" from Zero Generation on Playing Field
12:27AM Silversun Pickups "Future Foe Scenarios" from Carnavas on Dangerbird
12:32AM Shipwreck "Frost" from Walk in the Woods EP
12:37AM Cracker "Sidi Ifni" from Greenland on Cooking Vinyl
12:45AM The Love Kills Theory "Something Goes Around" from Happy Suicide, Jim! on Xemu
12:48AM Beck "Think I'm in Love" from The Information on Interscope
12:51AM Sonic Youth "Incinerate" from Rather Ripped on Geffen
12:57AM The Great Crusades "Hollywood Bungalow" from Four Thirty on Innocent Words
01:01AM Cursive "Dorothy at Forty" from Happy Hollow on Saddle Creek
01:04AM So Many Dynamos "Progress" from Flashlights on Skrocki
01:09AM Mon Frere "Drain" from Blood Sweat & Swords on Cake
01:14AM Pearl Jam "Life Wasted" from Pearl Jam on Monkey Wrench/J
01:18AM Cameo Turret "Lumberjack" from Withdraw
01:25AM Salaryman "Portwine Road" from The Electric Forest on Twelve Inch
01:29AM Lorenzo Goetz "Heavy" from the Heavy e.p.
01:33AM Theory of Everything "Me and My Mercedes" from Loveway on Theory of Everything
01:38AM Joni Laurence "Lake Water" from With No Apology on Browntown
01:44AM Flathead 6 "Run Sheriff Run" from Bad Spell on 99 Man
01:48AM Malachi Constant "Immorality" from Pride on Guilt Ridden Pop/Modern Radio
01:53AM Mudhoney "A Brief Celebration of Indifference" from Under a Billion Suns on Sub Pop
01:55AM Anomic "Gray" from Docile Entropy

April 14:

11:03PM Elsinore "Ultraviolence" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:08PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:12PM Wicked Walls "Kin" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:15PM Sleepy Kitty "Don't You Start" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:24PM Nastybake "Citadel" from Stars Over Evil Houses on Day Job
11:28PM Nastybake "In the Without" from Stars Over Evil Houses on Day Job
11:31PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Going Home" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:35PM Jesse W. Johnson "Cannon Rows" from Cannon Rows
11:39PM The Fantastic Plastics "Gee Dub Heights" from Outsiders
11:42PM Terminus Victor "A Scream in the Park" from Under Surveillance on Innocent Words
11:51PM Cortisol "Amy to the Northwest" from The University of 4.5
11:59PM Anomic "Olor [Radio Edit]" from Olor
12:05AM Lucky Mulholland "Heather Lane" from Pedestrians & Motorists
12:07AM Theory of Everything "Note to Self" from 'Evolution of the 'Art
12:13AM Relenter "In the Beginning" from Through the Mirror
12:16AM Smoke Off Vinyl "Lights" from Shindig
12:22AM Nada Surf "From the Rooftop Down" from The Weight Is a Gift on Barsuk
12:24AM Bound Stems "Lemon Swamp" from N/A
12:30AM Richard Cheese "Been Caught Stealing" from Aperitif for Destruction on Surfdog
12:32AM Local H "Toxic" from Alive '05 on Cleopatra
12:36AM LCD Soundsystem "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House [Radio Edit]" from Daft Punk Is Playing at My House on DFA
12:39AM Soulwax "Accidents and Compliments" from Nite Versions on Modular
12:47AM Explone "You're Drunk and Your Daddy Still Wants to Go" from Crooks on Hatcher Pass
12:51AM Robbers on High Street "Japanese Girls" from Tree City on New Line
12:54AM Secret Machines "The Road Leads Where It's Led [Edit]" from The Road Leads Where It's Led on Reprise
12:59AM Silversun Pickups "Comeback Kid" from Pikul on Dangerbird
01:04AM The Raveonettes "Somewhere in Texas" from Pretty in Black on Columbia
01:08AM Interpol "Evil" from Evil on Matador
01:14AM Afterhours "La vedova bianca" from Ballate per piccole iene on Mescal
01:18AM Klimt 1918 "Sleepwalk in Rome" from Dopoguerra on Prophecy Productions
01:26AM Ambulance LTD "Stay Where You Are [Radio Edit]" from Stay Where You Are on TVT
01:29AM Editors "All Sparks" from All Sparks on Kitchenware
01:33AM Institute "The Buzz of My System" from Distort Yourself on Interscope
01:39AM Immaculate Machine "Broken Ship" from Ones and Zeroes on Mint
01:43AM The Elanors "Trips" from Playlisted on Green St.
01:48AM I:Scintilla "Capsella [Toxin Mix]" from Playlisted on Green St.
01:52AM Thee Shams "Not Gonna Make It" from Sign the Line on Shake It!
01:56AM The Year After "A Cry for April" from At Risk of Shipwreck

April 7:

11:01PM Nastybake "Theory of the Apparatus" from Stars Over Evil Houses on Day Job
11:05PM Nastybake "The Whole Thing" from Stars Over Evil Houses on Day Job
11:15PM Motes "Should" from Feel the Summer's Heat
11:21PM I:Scintilla "Cursive Eve" from Live on JBTV on I:Scintilla
11:27PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Machines" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:31PM The Mono Men "Mystery Girl" from Sin and Tonic on Estrus
11:38PM Ashley Riley "Trouble" from All the Pretty Things on Riled Up
11:42PM Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen "Trouble" from Tolono on Rebecca Rego & the Trainmen
11:48PM Barb Maxey "Overwhelmed" from Zamar on Self Released
11:53PM Sleepy Kitty "Godard Protagonist Inflection" from Projection Room on Euclid
12:01AM Sleater-Kinney "Jumpers" from The Woods on Sub Pop
12:05AM Metric "Monster Hospital" from Live It Out on Last Gang/Factor
12:09AM Mon Frere "Up Circle" from Real Vampires EP on Cake
12:18AM Garbage "Happy Home" from Bleed Like Me on Geffen Records
12:24AM Kate Hathaway "Try to Feel" from Sprout Don't Pout
12:27AM Megan Johns "Tea" from Dirty Shoes on Megan Johns
12:31AM Eva Hunter "Anybody Any Good" from Thirsty
12:35AM Ambitious Pie Party "Cascade" from All I've Learned Is Pushed Aside
12:43AM Billy Corgan "Mina Loy (M.O.H.)" from TheFutureEmbrace on Reprise
12:52AM Jimmy Chamberlin Complex "Newerwaves" from Life Begins Again on Sanctuary
12:56AM Harvey Danger "War Buddies" from Little by Little... on Phonographic
01:14AM Beck "Hell Yes" from Guero on Interscope
01:17AM Lorenzo Goetz "Flagrante Delicto (3some)" from Jesus Elephant on Innocent Words
01:22AM The Beauty Shop "A Desperate Cry for Help" from Crisis Helpline on Shoeshine
01:26AM Kissinger "Vicario" from Me and Otto on WCI
01:30AM American Minor "Shine" from American Minor on Red Ink
01:33AM Queens of the Stone Age "Little Sister" from Lullabies to Paralyze on Interscope
01:37AM Shipwreck "Island of the City" from Origin
01:42AM Triple Whip "Peace Is" from Snake Creeps Down
01:45AM The Living Blue "Tell Me Leza" from Fire, Blood, Water on Minty Fresh
01:49AM Elsinore "Wall of Bricks" from Harmonic Impulsion
01:53AM Mad Science Fair "The World I Want" from ...for a better tomorrow on Mud

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