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Local 901 Playlists for May 2016

May 30:

10:52PM Paul & Gloria "Don't Wait" from Lime Drop on N/A
11:02PM Kittens Incorporated "Sunshine" from Like a Bubble on N/A
11:05PM Elsinore "Get Your Head Right" from Get Your Head Right on Parasol
11:10PM The Fantastic Plastics "We Are Obsolete" from Devolver on Altercation
11:13PM Fiona Kimble "Temporary Promises" from No Regret on N/A
11:17PM Lanterna "Sicily" from Backyards on Badman
11:26PM The Bashful Youngens "Carolina" from The Bashful Youngens on SCP
11:30PM Patriot Patrol "Fruit Fly Summer" from The Shadows and the Mud on Hand Sandwich
11:37PM Hathaways "Souvenir" from The Parasol Sessions Volume One on Parasol
11:41PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Machines" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:46PM Ampersand Posture "Asleep" from Ampersand Posture on N/A
11:55PM Tristan Lake "Against the Ice" from Against the Ice on ND
12:02AM Withershins "Glittered Out" from Silver Cities on Heirship
12:08AM I:Scintilla "Girl U Want" from Marrow 1 on Alfa Matrix
12:12AM Northern Magnolia "Missouri" from Dreams to Reckon With on N/A
12:17AM Megan Johns "Hey, Lonely" from Hey, Lonely on N/A
12:20AM Coed Pageant "Park N Ride" from The Seasons EPs Volume 1: Winter Blitz on N/A
12:23AM Hemmingbirds "Line of Bones" from The Vines of Age on Sun Channel Music
12:27AM JET W. LEE "Shallow for So Long" from Western Nightmare on N/A
12:33AM The Dirty Feathers "If Your Love Is a Drug (Then I'm Feeling Sick)" from If Your Love Is a Drug (Then I'm Feeling Sick) on N/A
12:36AM Paul Asaro and The Fat Babies "Ain'tcha Got Music?" from What a Heavenly Dream: The Fats Waller Rhythm Project on Rivermont
12:41AM Rodrigo y Gabriela "Logos" from Area 52 on ATO
12:47AM Like Pioneers "Boggs" from Oh, Magic on Abandoned Love
12:53AM Sleepy Kitty "Don't You Start" from Don't You Start on Euclid
12:58AM Garbage "Sugar" from Not Your Kind of People on Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
01:02AM The Cranberries "Conduct" from Roses on Cooking Vinyl
01:12AM Litfiba "La mia valigia" from Grande nazione on Sony
01:17AM Afterhours "Costruire per distruggere" from Padania on Germi
01:22AM The Sheila Divine "The Things That Once Were" from The Things That Once Were on N/A
01:28AM Local H "Sad History" from Hallelujah! I'm a Bum on SlimStyle
01:33AM Macy Gray "Sail" from Covered on 429
01:38AM Skunk Anansie "I Believed in You" from Black Traffic on Boogooyama
01:42AM Beth Orton "Dawn Chorus" from Sugaring Season on Anti-
01:45AM The Staves "Songbird" from MOJO Presents... Rumours Revisited on MOJO
01:49AM Nettle "Black Eyes" from On a Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt on N/A
01:53AM Sebadoh "Keep the Boy Alive" from secret EP on N/A
01:57AM Elusive Parallelograms "Reverse Polarity" from HABITS on N/A

May 23:

11:02PM Lanterna "Coastal Route" from Backyards on Badman
11:17PM Kenna Mae "The One I Want" from Blue Darlin on N/A
11:22PM AnnaGram "Zerstörter Ort—Destroyed Place" from Klee on N/A
11:30PM Three Hour Tour "Gypsy Girl" from Action and Heroes on Martian
11:34PM Andy Mo and The Dead Possums "Overseer" from Andy Mo and The Dead Possums on SCP
11:39PM The Palace Flophouse "Addicts Victorious" from Bad Friends Forever on N/A
11:42PM New Ruins "Soft Information" from This Life Is Not Ours to Keep on Earth Analog
11:45PM Evil Tents "John Brown's Body" from Night Air on the Midway on Heirship
11:49PM Desafinado "Pescador" from Dream on N/A
11:53PM Elsinore "Life Inside an Elephant" from Life Inside an Elephant EP on Elsinore
12:00AM Braid "Universe or Worse" from Close to Closed on Polyvinyl
12:06AM Ampersand Posture "Million Little Things" from Ampersand Posture on N/A
12:11AM Sleepy Kitty "NYC Really Has It All" from Infinity City on Euclid
12:16AM Hathaways "Young & Fast" from Young & Fast on N/A
12:22AM Faster Forward "Manifest" from N/A on N/A
12:25AM That's No Moon "Irradiate" from That's No Moon on N/A
12:30AM The Rutabega "Old Friend" from Blessed on N/A
12:32AM VILLAGE "Future Days" from Local Moves on N/A
12:36AM The Martyrs "The Garden" from The Martyrs on Drumfarm/6B Studios
12:47AM The Evolution Control Committee "Don't Let the Devil Blow Your Mind" from All Rights Reserved on Seeland
12:51AM Alabama 3 "Wrong Is Right" from Shoplifting 4 Jesus on Hostage Music
12:57AM David Bazan "Wolves at the Door" from Strange Negotiations on Barsuk
01:00AM The Decemberists "Down by the Water" from The King Is Dead on Capitol
01:04AM Buffalo Tom "Down" from Skins on Scrawny
01:09AM Pearl Jam "Olé" from N/A on N/A
01:11AM The Dirty Feathers "Death Trip" from Midnight Snakes on Bad Clone
01:14AM Kirby Krackle "In Another Castle" from Super Powered Love on N/A
01:21AM The Raveonettes "Apparitions" from Raven in the Grave on Vice
01:25AM Matthew Good "Non Populus" from Lights of Endangered Species on Universal Music Canada
01:33AM The Sheila Divine "Fragile Thing Called Man" from Fragile Thing Called Man on N/A
01:38AM Orbit "It's Alright" from The Lost Album on A&M
01:41AM The Vaccines "Post Break-Up Sex" from Post Break-Up Sex on Columbia
01:44AM Wild Flag "Black Tiles" from Wild Flag on Merge
01:50AM Rival Schools "Shot After Shot" from Pedals on Photo Finish
01:53AM The Twilight Singers "On the Corner" from Dynamite Steps on Sub Pop
01:58AM Paul Kotheimer "The Old Red Rooster" from The Kilogram of Gold on Hand-Made

May 16:

11:06PM Julius La Rosa "Eh, Cumpari" from Eh, Cumpari on Cadence
11:11PM Elsinore "Get Your Head Right" from Get Your Head Right on Parasol
11:15PM The Subsect "Too Late" from Too Late on N/A
11:20PM Motes "We Collide" from Keep It in the Dark on Heirship
11:26PM Kittens Incorporated "Slow Down" from Like a Bubble on N/A
11:29PM Kittens Incorporated "Bridges" from Like a Bubble on N/A
11:33PM Jake Hertzog "What's New" from Patterns on Buckyball Records
11:44PM Common Loon "A Prayer for Hemophilia" from The Long Dream of Birds on A Hidden Agenda
11:50PM Cameron McGill & What Army "Dead Rose" from Is a Beast on Post-Important
11:55PM Carl Hauck "Martial Riesling" from Windjammer on N/A
12:00AM Jesse Johnson "Coyote Scream" from Home to Roast on N/A
12:04AM JET W. LEE "Stay Thin" from Who Shall Remain Shameless on N/A
12:09AM Cary Judd "Say It like You Mean It" from Trillions on China Mountain
12:12AM New Ruins "Bad Math" from Bad Math on Parasol
12:15AM Hemmingbirds "Slippery Slope" from Death Wave on N/A
12:22AM Kayla Brown "Too Much Trouble" from Steady Now on N/A
12:27AM Angie Heaton "October, You're Gone." from Time Takes Time EP on Me and the Baby
12:31AM Andrea Maxand "night light" from edge of October on N/A
12:36AM Loreena McKennitt "Brian Boru's March" from The Wind That Shakes the Barley on Quinlan Road/Verve
12:40AM The 88 "At Least It Was Here [Full Length Version]" from Community (Music from the Original Television Series) on Madison Gate
12:43AM Harvey Danger "The Show Must Not Go On" from The Final Recording on N/A
12:51AM The Sheila Divine "The Innocents" from The Innocents on N/A
12:55AM Arcade Fire "Ready to Start" from The Suburbs on Merge
12:59AM Interpol "Barricade" from Interpol on Matador
01:03AM Editors "You Don't Know Love [Radio Edit]" from You Don't Know Love on Kitchenware
01:10AM LCD Soundsystem "I Can Change" from This Is Happening on Virgin/DFA
01:16AM The Dandy Warhols "This Is the Tide" from The Capitol Years 1995-2007 on Capitol
01:21AM Placebo "Bright Lights [Single Version]" from Bright Lights on Dreambrother Ltd.
01:24AM Apteka "Traitors" from Traitors on N/A
01:30AM Clinic "Evelyn" from Bubblegum on Domino
01:34AM We Landed on the Moon! "All the Little Lambs" from This Will Be One for the Books on N/A
01:39AM Skunk Anansie "My Ugly Boy" from Wonderlustre on V2
01:44AM JD McPherson "Your Love (All That I'm Missing)" from Signs & Signifiers on New Rounder
01:47AM Fitz and the Tantrums "Moneygrabber" from Pickin' Up the Pieces on Dangerbird
01:50AM The Axis of Awesome "Skeleton Man" from Infinity Rock Explosion! on N/A
01:53AM Patrick Bower & The World Without Magic "The Dark Lord (of Love)" from The Dark Lord (of Love) EP on N/A
01:55AM Gorillaz "On Melancholy Hill" from Plastic Beach on Virgin

May 9:

11:02PM Local H "That's What They All Say" from Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles? on Studio E
11:12PM Elsinore "Get Your Head Right" from Get Your Head Right on Parasol
11:16PM Kittens Incorporated "Martha and the Time Lord" from Like a Bubble on N/A
11:20PM Kittens Incorporated "No Pixie Dust" from Like a Bubble on N/A
11:22PM Motes "See What Happens" from Keep It in the Dark on Heirship
11:32PM Golden Quality "Second Chances (for Naked Ladies)" from The Basement Tapes EP... on N/A
11:36PM Withershins "Aeriel" from Aeriel on N/A
11:44PM New Ruins "Lake" from We Make Our Own Bad Luck on A Hidden Agenda
11:48PM Cameron McGill & What Army "Low Ways" from Warm Songs for Cold Shoulders on Parasol
11:53PM Paul Asaro "Caravan" from After the Sun Goes Down on Horton
12:00AM Paul Kotheimer "Everypopsong" from Familiar on Hand-Made
12:03AM You and Yourn "Commercial Paper" from It Would Make Things Worse on Parasol
12:10AM Eva Hunter "No Missing Pieces" from No Missing Pieces on Evasweets
12:14AM Eleni Moraites "Just So You Know (For Dad, S'agapo)" from Everything You Missed on N/A
12:19AM The Palace Flophouse "Lafayette" from Try Not to Get Worried on N/A
12:22AM Snowsera "Chase the Rabbit" from Snowsera on N/A
12:28AM The Jips "Disease of Love" from Whole Lotta Nerve on Loony Lounge
12:34AM Sleepy Kitty "Gimme a Chantz!" from What I Learned This Summer on N/A
12:38AM I:Scintilla "Ammunition" from Prey on You on Alfa Matrix
12:44AM Metric "Help I'm Alive" from Fantasies on Metric Music International
12:49AM PJ Harvey & John Parish "Black Hearted Love" from A Woman a Man Walked By on Island
12:55AM The Raveonettes "Heart of Stone" from In and Out of Control on Vice
12:59AM Silversun Pickups "Surrounded (or Spiraling)" from Swoon on Dangerbird
01:03AM Placebo "In a Funk" from Battle for the Sun on Solitary Man
01:09AM Pearl Jam "Force of Nature" from Backspacer on Monkeywrench
01:13AM Black Whales "Origins" from Origins on Mt. Fuji
01:17AM Kirby Krackle "Ring Capacity" from Ring Capacity on N/A
01:22AM Harvey Danger "Big Wide Empty" from Dead Sea Scrolls on Phonographic
01:28AM Ships "Can't Win" from e.p. ONE on N/A
01:33AM Washed Out "Feel It All Around" from Life of Leisure on Mexican Summer
01:36AM The Sleepover Disaster "Friend" from Hover on Devil in the Woods
01:41AM Idlewild "Post-Electric" from Post Electric Blues on Nice
01:46AM Bell X1 "Amelia" from Blue Lights on the Runway on Yep Roc
01:53AM The Gentleman Losers "Farandole" from Dustland on City Centre Offices

May 2:

10:53PM Kittens Incorporated "Martha and the Time Lord" from Like a Bubble on N/A
10:57PM Kittens Incorporated "Seaside" from Like a Bubble on N/A
11:01PM Motes "See What Happens" from Keep It in the Dark on Heirship
11:11PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "New Day" from Work the Circuits on Twelve Inch
11:15PM Three Hour Tour "Afterlife" from Action and Heroes on Martian
11:20PM Andy Mo and The Dead Possums "The Bottle Says" from Andy Mo and The Dead Possums on SCP
11:22PM Upshot "Rufus" from Bring Bourbon on SCP
11:25PM Carl Hauck "Herrick, You Devil!" from Counter Intelligence on N/A
11:33PM Bound Stems "Winston" from The Family Afloat on Flameshovel
11:38PM Post Historic "Memory Banks of Blue" from Memory Banks of Blue on N/A
11:41PM Cameron McGill & What Army "Hold On Beauty" from Hold On Beauty on Post-Important
11:49PM Common Loon "Automatic Skin" from WEFT Sessions 21 July 2008 on WEFT
11:52PM Gazelle "The First Rays" from Sunblown on A Hidden Agenda
11:57PM Hathaways "Pusher" from Hand Me Down on N/A
12:01AM The Brother Whys "Acid Rain" from I Wrote This with Our Bare Hands on N/A
12:09AM Elsinore "The General" from The General EP on N/A
12:12AM Snowsera "Runaway" from Snowsera on N/A
12:18AM The Airborne Toxic Event "Wishing Well" from The Airborne Toxic Event on Majordomo
12:22AM The Whigs "Already Young" from Mission Control on ATO
12:25AM Kaiser Chiefs "Never Miss a Beat" from "Off with Their Heads" on universalmotown
12:29AM Constantines "Trans Canada" from Kensington Heights on Arts & Crafts International
12:33AM M.S.F. "California Car Crash" from M.S.F. on N/A
12:39AM Sparkadia "Jealousy" from Postcards on Ivy League
12:43AM The Axis of Awesome "How to No. 1" from Scissors, Paper, Rock! on The Axis of Awesome
12:46AM The Crystalairs "Reisender Mann" from Die ganze Welt on Bear Family
12:49AM Werewolf by Night "Night Shift" from Night Shift on N/A
12:54AM Nada Surf "Everyone's on Tour" from Lucky on Barsuk
12:58AM Local H "Blur" from Twelve Angry Months on SHOUT! Factory
01:00AM Jacuzzi Boys "Island Avenue" from Island Avenue on Hozac
01:03AM Supergrass "Bad Blood" from Diamond Hoo Ha on Astralwerks
01:08AM Afterhours "I milanesi ammazzano il sabato" from I milanesi ammazzano il sabato on Universal
01:10AM The Raveonettes "Lust" from Lust Lust Lust on Vice
01:14AM Apteka "The Sheet" from Tour EP on N/A
01:18AM Thomas Function "Snake in the Grass" from Celebration! on Alive
01:22AM LCD Soundsystem "Big Ideas [Radio Edit]" from Big Ideas on Sony BMG
01:26AM La Scala "The Harlequin" from The Harlequin e.p. on Highwheel
01:29AM Kissinger "Sick Bed" from Underwater on WCI
01:34AM Little Pieces "Ordinary Friend" from Little Pieces on One Eleven
01:38AM Bailiff "Even I Know the Rain" from Mm Hmm on N/A
01:42AM Blitzen Trapper "Furr" from Furr on Sub Pop
01:46AM Autumn Owls "Raindrops in the River" from On the Trail of the Disappearing on N/A
01:51AM Fire Hydrant "Ode to Zircon" from Daydreams on Crony
01:56AM Menthol "680x0" from Demos & Unreleased on N/A
02:04AM God Lives Underwater "Medicated to the One I Love" from Life in the So-Called Space Age on 1500
02:36AM Local H "What Would You Have Me Do?" from Here Comes the Zoo on Palm Pictures
03:01AM Cornershop "Spectral Mornings" from Handcream for a Generation on Wiiija/Beggars Banquet

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