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Local 901 Playlists for July 2014

July 28:

11:01PM The Fights "Nights like These" from Off Your Horse on Spur
11:05PM The Fights "Humid Skin" from Off Your Horse on Spur
11:07PM Hot Cops! "In Love. In Glasgow" from Jubilee
11:12PM Hot Cops! "Lonely Nights, Seneca Falls" from Jubilee
11:17PM The Chemicals "All God's Creatures" from MONO on Heirship
11:28PM The Chemicals "Lock the Door" from MONO on Heirship
11:32PM Braid "Many Enemies" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:36PM Braid "Lux" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:38PM The Safes "K.O." from Record Heat on Wee Rock
11:41PM The Safes "I Win" from Record Heat on Wee Rock
11:47PM Sleepy Kitty "Don't You Start" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:53PM The Dirty Feathers "If Your Love Is a Drug (Then I'm Feeling Sick)" from If Your Love Is a Drug (Then I'm Feeling Sick)
11:57PM Lonely Trailer "Jimmy You're Not a Werewolf" from Secret Information Booth
11:59AM Local H "Cold Manor" from Hallelujah! I'm a Bum on SlimStyle
12:04AM Finer Feelings "Utility Blues" from Finer Feelings
12:07AM Coed Pageant "We Run Around (Rumspringa)" from The Seasons EPs Volume 2: Rumspringa
12:10AM Ampersand Posture "Asleep" from Asleep
12:14AM The Smashing Pumpkins "Glissandra" from Oceania on Martha's Music
12:18AM Allah-Las "Sacred Sands" from Allah-Las on Innovative Leisure
12:23AM Paul Asaro and The Fat Babies "You're My Dish" from What a Heavenly Dream: The Fats Waller Rhythm Project (2012) on Rivermont
12:27AM The Staves "Songbird" from MOJO Presents... Rumours Revisited on Mojo
12:31AM Smoke Off Vinyl "The Night the World Waved Goodbye" from One for the Road
12:36AM Jeremy Messersmith "#2" from Paper Moon
12:41AM Electric Child House "I'm Just a Star on a Democratic Flag" from Mastered Demo
12:45AM The Caramel Mints "The Warning Shot" from Helper's Sooprise
12:49AM Placebo "I.K.W.Y.L." from B3 EP on Mercury
12:55AM Skunk Anansie "Sad Sad Sad" from Black Traffic on Boogooyama
12:57AM The Cranberries "Conduct" from Roses on Cooking Vinyl
01:05AM Garbage "Felt" from Not Your Kind of People on Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
01:08AM Macy Gray "Sail" from Covered on 429
01:13AM Macy Gray "I Try Is Cool and All, But" from Covered on 429
01:14AM Beth Orton "Mystery" from Sugaring Season on Anti-
01:19AM The 88 "Someday Blues" from Actors on 88
01:24AM Patriot Patrol "Vestiges" from Vestiges
01:29AM The Sheila Divine "The Things That Once Were" from The Things That Once Were
01:35AM Paul Roub "Full of Holes" from Full of Holes
01:41AM The Raveonettes "Observations" from Observator on Vice
01:46AM Hospitality "Eighth Avenue" from Hospitality on Merge
01:50AM Kirby Krackle "Web-Slinger/Hope-Bringer" from Web-Slinger/Hope-Bringer
01:54AM Sebadoh "Keep the Boy Alive" from secret EP

July 21:

10:58PM Jesse W. Johnson "Cannon Rows" from Cannon Rows
11:01PM Braid "Universe or Worse" from Close to Closed on Polyvinyl
11:13PM Braid "Bang" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:17PM Braid "This Is Not a Revolution" from No Coast on Top Shelf
11:22PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:26PM The Safes "Birthday Cake" from Record Heat on Wee Rock
11:28PM The Safes "Ace for a Face" from Record Heat on Wee Rock
11:32PM The Chemicals "Green Grass" from MONO on Heirship
11:35PM The Chemicals "Wasted Days" from MONO on Heirship
11:41PM Hathaways & Tom Turino "Descansa corazón fatigado" from Para Don Julio
11:44PM Hathaways & Tom Turino "Pariguana" from Para Don Julio
11:48PM Abnormous "Mona" from abnormous nights
11:54PM Hot Cops! "Face Tape" from Everyone's an Animal
11:57PM Lanterna "Passage" from Lanterna on Rykodisc
12:03AM Deadlands "Timeless" from Deadlands
12:10AM Dinosaur jr. "Don't Pretend You Didn't Know" from I Bet on Sky on Jagjaguwar
12:15AM Electric Bitters "How Much Is Too Much" from Memoirs of a Dysfunctional Relationship
12:36AM I:Scintilla "Spit It Out" from Marrow 1 on Alfa Matrix
12:48AM Rodrigo y Gabriela and C.U.B.A. "Hanuman" from Area 52 on ATO
01:00AM Chai-Town a cappella "Kiss from a Rose" from Fresh Brewed
01:06AM Silversun Pickups "Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)" from Neck of the Woods on Dangerbird
01:11AM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Machines" from Forget on Twelve Inch
01:16AM Withershins "City Lights" from Silver Cities on Heirship
01:20AM Elusive Parallelograms "Glue" from HABITS
01:26AM JET W. LEE "Gas on the Grave" from Western Nightmare
01:28AM Hathaways "The Record Skips" from The Parasol Sessions Volume One on Parasol
01:33AM Northern Magnolia "Hold On (to Me)" from Dreams to Reckon With
01:36AM Megan Johns "Still" from Hey, Lonely on Megan Johns
01:39AM Hemmingbirds "Line of Bones" from The Vines of Age on Sun Channel Music
01:43AM James Iha "To Who Knows Where" from Look to the Sky on The End
01:47AM Tristan Lake "Against the Ice" from Against the Ice on ND
01:52AM The Hives "Go Right Ahead [Radio Edit]" from Go Right Ahead on No Fun AB
01:56AM The Duke of Uke and His Novelty Orchestra "Pocket Petal" from April's Empire

July 14:

11:05PM Wicked Walls "Kiss the Ground" from Crystal Balls
11:11PM Withershins "Aquamarine" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:15PM The Chemicals "Modern Lover" from MONO on Heirship
11:20PM The Chemicals "Wasted Days" from MONO on Heirship
11:24PM Hathaways & Tom Turino "Serenata" from Para Don Julio
11:28PM Hathaways & Tom Turino "Pariguana" from Para Don Julio
11:33PM Finer Feelings "Utility Blues" from Finer Feelings
11:36PM Finer Feelings "Walls" from Finer Feelings
11:42PM Abnormous "Tonight" from abnormous nights
11:49PM Abnormous "Mona" from abnormous nights
11:54PM Lowder & Manning "After I'm Gone" from Next Time Around on Scrambler
11:59PM Take Care "Live Forever" from Take Care
12:05AM Scott Bradlee "How You Remind Me" from A Motown Tribute to Nickelback
12:09AM K'Ronikka "Booty Wave" from Booty Wave on the ONION
12:12AM The Sheila Divine "Fragile Thing Called Man" from Fragile Thing Called Man
12:18AM The Twilight Singers "Don't Call" from Dynamite Steps on Sub Pop
12:22AM The Decemberists "This Is Why We Fight" from The King Is Dead on Capitol
12:29AM Matthew Good "Non Populus" from Lights of Endangered Species on Universal Music Canada
12:40AM Savage Gypsy "Maybe" from Maybe on Gypsy
12:43AM David Bazan "Wolves at the Door" from Strange Negotiations on Barsuk
12:47AM Buffalo Tom "Down" from Skins on Scrawny
12:51AM Orbit "Stuck in the House" from The Lost Album on A&M
12:57AM Pearl Jam "Olé" from N/A
01:00AM Secret Science "Flat Earth" from secret science
01:02AM The Welcome "Mail Is Great" from hopscotch EP
01:06AM Kirby Krackle "Bite of Another" from Super Powered Love
01:10AM The Vaccines "Post Break-Up Sex" from Post Break-Up Sex on Columbia
01:14AM Frankie Rose "Soma" from Stereogum Presents… STROKED: A Tribute to Is This It on Stereogum
01:17AM Skunk Anansie "Search and Destroy" from Sucker Punch: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on WaterTower Music
01:21AM Bush "Ghost" from The Sea of Memories on Zuma
01:29AM Faster Forward "Manifest" from N/A
01:32AM My Goodness "C'mon Doll" from My Goodness on Sarathan
01:35AM Night Marchers "All Hits" from Thar She Blows on Swami
01:39AM Silversun Pickups "Broken Bottles" from Seasick on Dangerbird
01:43AM Ampersand Posture "Life as a Fantasy" from Life as a Fantasy
01:49AM Great Life "Azure" from Azure
01:53AM Hathaways "On Your Side" from On Your Side

July 7:

11:03PM HUM "Detassler" from Fillet Show on Twelve Inch
11:06PM Withershins "Aquamarine" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:12PM Vaudevileins "38-54-16" from Kung Fu Era​/​38​-​54​-​16 EP on Vaudevileins Music
11:16PM Hathaways & Tom Turino "A las orillas" from Para Don Julio
11:22PM Hathaways & Tom Turino "La sirena" from Para Don Julio
11:26PM Carl Hauck "Rooster" from Windjammer
11:32PM Tricia Scully "The Hall Monitors" from The Envelope EP
11:40PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:43PM Jesse W. Johnson "Cannon Rows" from Cannon Rows
11:48PM Jesse W. Johnson "Expecting to Fall" from Cannon Rows
11:53PM Common Loon "Mexico" from The Long Dream of Birds on A Hidden Agenda
11:58PM Braid "Radish White Icicle" from Movie Music Vol. One on Polyvinyl
12:01AM Braid "Universe or Worse" from Close to Closed on Polyvinyl
12:07AM deep Snapper "Cheap Chinese Chicken" from Bipedal Disorder on edna Peppers
12:12AM Paul Kotheimer "Girls and Cars" from The Kilogram of Gold on Hand-Made
12:16AM Andy Lund "Notorious" from Cloud Conducting on Andy Lund
12:19AM Cameron McGill & What Army "Dead Rose" from Is a Beast on Post-Important
12:27AM The Decemberists "Down by the Water" from The King Is Dead on Capitol
12:31AM Sleepy Kitty "Ridin' with St. Louis" from Infinity City on Euclid
12:37AM The Raveonettes "War in Heaven" from Raven in the Grave on Vice
12:41AM Wild Flag "Black Tiles" from Wild Flag on Merge
12:48AM The Evolution Control Committee "Don't Let the Devil Blow Your Mind" from All Rights Reserved on Seeland
12:54AM The Evolution Control Committee "Stairway to Britney" from All Rights Reserved on Seeland
12:57AM The Palace Flophouse "North Platte" from Bad Friends Forever
01:04AM Elsinore "Life Inside an Elephant" from Life Inside an Elephant EP on Elsinore
01:08AM Evil Tents "Bury the Knife in Your Heart" from Night Air on the Midway on Evil Tents
01:14AM New Ruins "Soft Information" from This Life Is Not Ours to Keep on Earth Analog
01:17AM Bailiff "Eventually" from Red Balloon on Bailiff
01:24AM The Dirty Feathers "Blue Flame" from Midnight Snakes on Bad Clone
01:29AM The Martyrs "The Garden" from The Martyrs on Drumfarm/6B Studios
01:33AM That's No Moon "Irradiate" from That's No Moon
01:39AM Desafinado "Dream" from Dream
01:45AM Heather O'Neill "Monique" from A Feminist Manifesto on Firebelly Music
01:50AM Dan Hubbard and The Humadors "Don't Take Me Now" from The Love Show
01:54AM Kevin Elliott "The Clown Factory" from It's a Circus Here, Dolores on Soona Songs

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