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Local 901 Playlists for February 2014

February 24:

11:08PM Cameo Turret "Wyoming Stage Coach Song" from Withdraw
11:14PM Lowder & Manning "Wayward Wind" from Next Time Around on Scrambler
11:19PM Lowder & Manning "Next Time Around" from Next Time Around on Scrambler
11:25PM Jesse W. Johnson "Cannon Rows" from Cannon Rows
11:28PM Jesse W. Johnson "Expecting to Fall" from Cannon Rows
11:35PM The Fantastic Plastics "Stink-Eye" from Outsiders
11:38PM The Fantastic Plastics "Buzzing on the 123" from Outsiders
11:42PM Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen "John Wayne" from Tolono
11:46PM Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen "Monsters" from Tolono
11:55PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Going Home" from Forget on Twelve Inch
12:00AM American Minor "Something You Ain't Got" from American Minor.
12:05AM Clem Snide "Moment in the Sun [Radio Edit]" from Moment in the Sun EP on spinART
12:12AM The Red Hot Valentines "Angela" from The Red Hot Valentines
12:16AM The Reputation "Either Coast" from The Reputation on Initial
12:21AM Sullen "Strawberry Blonde" from Paint the Moon on Thick
12:24AM The Vines "Highly Evolved" from Highly Evolved on Capitol
12:25AM Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Spread Your Love" from B.R.M.C. on Virgin
12:32AM The Raveonettes "Attack of the Ghost Riders" from Whip It On on Crunchy Frog
12:34AM Sneaker Pimps "Kiro TV" from Bloodsport on Tommy Boy
12:38AM Glifted "The Scare" from Under and In on Martians Go Home
12:43AM Emotional Rec Club "Vocoder" from Emotional Rec Club
12:48AM Joey Ramone "Don't Worry About Me" from Don't Worry About Me on Sanctuary
12:57AM The Deathray Davies "The Medication's Gone" from The Day of the Ray on Idol
01:03AM Beth Orton "Paris Train" from Daybreaker on Heavenly/Astralwerks
01:09AM The Sheila Divine "The Swan" from Secret Society on Arena Rock
01:14AM Interpol "Untitled" from Turn On the Bright Lights on Matador
01:18AM Lanterna "West Side Highway" from Sands on Badman
01:24AM Johnny Cash "Hurt" from American IV: The Man Comes Around on American
01:28AM Clinic "Come into Our Room" from Walking with Thee on Domino
01:35AM The Blackouts "Gotta Go Somewhere Else" from Everyday Is a Sunday Evening on Lucid
01:39AM Terminus Victor "Please Send Reinforcements" from Mastering the Revels on Postgenius
01:44AM Hot Snakes "Paid in Cigarettes" from Suicide Invoice on Swami
01:49AM Local H "(Baby Wants to) Tame Me" from Here Comes the Zoo on Palm Pictures

February 17:

10:48PM Jesse W. Johnson "Kid in the Castle" from Cannon Rows
10:53PM Jesse W. Johnson "Without Rings" from Cannon Rows
10:58PM Elsinore "Residential Weather [Trames Remix]" from PUSH/PULL REMIX EP on Parasol
11:01PM Love Cup "I Don't Know What Is Up" from The Oldest Shit in the Book on Twelve Inch
11:07PM The Fantastic Plastics "Gee Dub Heights" from Outsiders
11:10PM The Fantastic Plastics "1up" from Outsiders
11:16PM Barb Maxey "Overwhelmed" from Zamar
11:21PM Barb Maxey "Gotta Get Up" from Zamar
11:28PM Sleepy Kitty "The Agony and Ecstasy of Mike Daisey" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:32PM Cameron McGill "Albatross" from Gallows Etiquette on Post-Important
11:37PM That's No Moon "Kathryn" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:41PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Machines" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:48PM Nada Surf "Blizzard of '77" from This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn-Based Compilation on Arena Rock
11:50PM Timesbold "Gin I Win" from This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn-Based Compilation on Arena Rock
11:53PM Santanu Rahman "Tumeric Tower" from N/A
11:55PM Temple of Low Men "Valentine's Day" from Degree of Slither on TOLM
11:59PM Alabama 3 "Too Sick to Pray" from Hits and Exit Wounds on One Little Indian
12:10AM Juno "High Noon" from Juno & The Dismemberment Plan on DeSoto
12:14AM Beck "Salt in the Wound" from Beck on DGC
12:17AM The Dismemberment Plan "Following Through" from Change on DeSoto
12:22AM Kings of Convenience "Little Kids [Ladytron Fruits of the Forest Mix]" from Versus on Astralwerks
12:29AM The Beauty Shop "Personal Jesus" from Parasol's Sweet Sixteen, Volume Three on Parasol
12:32AM Firewater "Woke Up Down" from Psychopharmacology on Jetset
12:37AM Poster Children "Ferris Wheel" from Copyright on Twelve Inch
12:40AM Kissinger "John Bates" from Charm on WCI
12:43AM Orbit "Over" from XLR8R on Lunch
12:47AM Kante "Die Summe der Einzelnen Teile" from Zweilicht on Kitty-Yo
12:52AM Interpol "Specialist" from Interpol on Matador
01:03AM Elk City "Take Me Out" from The Sea Is Fierce EP on WARM
01:12AM The Smashing Pumpkins "Saturnine" from Judas Ø on Virgin
01:16AM Garbage "Parade" from beautifulgarbage on Interscope
01:23AM The Dirtbombs "Chains of Love" from Ultraglide in Black on In the Red
01:25AM Pete Yorn "Black" from musicforthemorningafter on Columbia
01:31AM Weezer "Don't Let Go" from Weezer (The Green Album) on Geffen
01:34AM National Skyline "Ghosts" from Exit Now on File 13
01:39AM Echo and the Bunnymen "Marble Towers" from It's Alright on Cooking Vinyl
01:45AM Matthew "Everybody Down" from Everybody Down on Rykodisc
01:48AM Silver Scooter "The Blue Law" from The Blue Law on Peek-A-Boo
01:53AM W.G. Snuffy Walden "Angela Smiled" from Music by… on Windham Hill

February 10:

11:08PM Jesse W. Johnson "Cannon Rows" from Cannon Rows
11:11PM Jesse W. Johnson "Expecting to Fall" from Cannon Rows
11:15PM Elsinore "Ultraviolence" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:21PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Down to One" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:24PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Machines" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:29PM Terminus Victor "Cue the Disclaimer" from Prevention vs. Intervention on Heirship
11:33PM Cameron McGill "American Health Insurance" from Gallows Etiquette on Post-Important
11:42PM Sleepy Kitty "The Hoax" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:46PM G. Lee & Jet Blonde "Heartbeat Everywhere" from Charm on G. Lee & Jet Blonde
11:50PM Lorenzo Goetz "Bad Dreaming" from (slowly)
12:04AM The Apples in Stereo "Signal in the Sky" from Let's Go! on spinART
12:07AM Clinic "Walking with Thee" from Walking with Thee on Domino
12:12AM The Dandy Warhols "Horse Pills" from Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia [Deluxe Edition] on Capitol
12:15AM Guided by Voices "Glad Girls [Radio Edit]" from Glad Girls on TVT
12:19AM The New Pornographers "Letter from an Occupant" from CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 91 on CMJ
12:24AM Flickerstick "Beautiful" from Beautiful on Epic
12:28AM Idlewild "Little Discourage" from Discourage on Capitol/Odeon/Food
12:33AM Ash "Shining Light" from Free All Angels on Kinetic/Infectious
12:38AM The Cure "Cut Here [Radio Edit]" from Cut Here on Elektra/Fiction
12:45AM Joydrop "Sometimes Wanna Die" from Viberate on Tommy Boy
12:48AM PJ Harvey "A Place Called Home" from Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea on Island
12:53AM Kristin Hersh "Your Dirty Answer" from Sunny Border Blue on 4AD
12:58AM The Sheila Divine "Sideways" from Where Have My Countrymen Gone on Co-Op
01:04AM Absinthe Blind "Rising" from The Everyday Separation on Parasol
01:08AM Lanterna "B Minor" from Elm Street on Badman
01:17AM The Cranberries "Analyse" from Analyse - The Remixes on MCA
01:21AM Curve "Hell Above Water" from Gift on Hip-O
01:25AM Gorillaz "19/2000 [Soulchild Remix]" from 19/2000 on Parlophone
01:30AM Matthew Good Band "Carmelina" from The Audio of Being on Universal Music Canada
01:34AM Swag "I'll Get By" from Catch-All on Yep Roc/Plug
01:38AM The Strokes "Hard to Explain" from Hard to Explain on RCA
01:42AM Dave Navarro "Rexall [Edit]" from Rexall on Capitol
01:46AM Bush "The People That We Love" from The People That We Love on Atlantic
01:50AM Local H "Half-Life [Edit]" from Half-Life on Palm Pictures
01:53AM R.E.M. "Imitation of Life" from In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 on Warner Bros.

February 3:

11:01PM Bailiff "Emptied Out" from Red Balloon on Bailiff
11:14PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Day After Day" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:18PM Terminus Victor "Submit" from Prevention vs. Intervention on Heirship
11:30PM Local H "Another February [Radio Edit]" from The Another February EP on SlimStyle
11:33PM Mille Nomi "Vincent Price Is the Last Man in Line for the Bathroom" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:43PM Schwervon! "Landlocked" from Landlocked on Too Much Rock
11:45PM Schwervon! "Off Duty Trip" from Landlocked on Too Much Rock
11:56PM Waterfowl "Tennessee" from N/A
12:01AM BT "Never Gonna Come Back Down [Paul DeCarli Mix]" from Never Gonna Come Back Down on Nettwerk
12:10AM Mike Doughty "The Only Answer" from Skittish
12:12AM Belle & Sebastian "I Fought in a War" from Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk like a Peasant on Matador/Jeepster
12:19AM Juliana Hatfield "Every Breath You Take" from Beautiful Creature on Zoë/Island
12:23AM Sarge "Clearer" from Distant on Mud
12:27AM Sleater-Kinney "What If I Was Right" from You're No Rock n' Roll Fun on Matador
12:33AM PJ Harvey "Big Exit" from Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea on Island
12:37AM Carmen Consoli "Stato di necessità" from Stato di necessità on Cyclope
12:43AM Fonda "The Young Lovers" from The Invisible Girl on Top Quality
12:49AM Trembling Blue Stars "Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise" from Broken by Whispers on Sub Pop
12:53AM Absinthe Blind "Invisible One" from Music for Security on Hammerhead
12:59AM Orbit "Radio Whore" from Tonedeaf on Lunch
01:01AM Poster Children "Judge Freeball" from DDD on spinART
01:04AM Pollyanna "Particular People" from Didn't Feel a Thing on Longshot/Shock
01:11AM Troubled Hubble "I Love My Canoe" from The Sun Beamed Off the Name Maurice on The Magic Spot
01:23AM Hey Mercedes "Stay Six" from Hey Mercedes on Vagrant
01:28AM Hot Snakes "10th Planet" from Automatic Midnight on Swami
01:31AM Kissinger "Urbia" from Charm on WCI
01:37AM The Cure "Coming Up" from Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities 1978>2001 on Elektra/Rhino
01:43AM Pearl Jam "Sleight of Hand" from Binaural on Epic
01:54AM Appliance "Ex4" from Six Modular Pieces on Mute

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