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Local 901 Playlists for June 2016

June 27:

Guest host: Todd Durnil

10:59PM Bones Jugs n Harmony "Black dog" from Don't Waste a Drop on Bones Jugs
11:04PM Kevin Elliott "Rain on the River" from Patterns of Blue on Soona Songs
11:08PM Jed Adam Band "empty pages" from Jed Adam Band - EP on Jed Adam Band
11:14PM Boycut "wave" from Boycut on Boycut
11:18PM Cameron McGill "Sucker Love" from Gallows Etiquette on Post-Important
11:22PM Fiona Kimble "Sober for Just October" from [Unreleased Demo] on Fiona Kimble
11:27PM Geoff Beran & the Mystery Van "Superficial" from Superficial on Night of the Spinning Records
11:32PM Eva Hunter "Feast Of Reason" from Thirsty on Evasweets
11:37PM Jeff Arrigo "The Irish Wilderness" from WEFT Sessions 08/24/2015 on Jeff Arrigo
11:43PM Justin Rondon "I Wouldn't Fret" from Champaign's Autumn Day on Justin Rondon
11:48PM Finer Feelings "Walls" from CRASHING THE HEIRSHIP, Volume I on Heirship
11:51PM Paul Sabuco & Gloria Roubal "Something About Love" from Lime Drop on Paul & Gloria
11:58AM Too Soon "Never & Always" from Never & Always on Too Soon

June 20:

10:57PM Kevin Elliott "Patterns of Blue" from Patterns of Blue on Soona Songs
11:05PM Kevin Elliott "A Tenderloin Lullaby" from Patterns of Blue on Soona Songs
11:10PM Kittens Incorporated "Seaside" from Like a Bubble on N/A
11:15PM Kittens Incorporated "Bridges" from Like a Bubble on N/A
11:19PM Patriot Patrol "Now That I'm Gone" from The Shadows and the Mud on Hand Sandwich
11:23PM Paul & Gloria "Don't Wait" from Lime Drop on N/A
11:29PM Paul & Gloria "Monica Smiles" from Lime Drop on N/A
11:32PM Kenna Mae "The One I Want" from Blue Darlin on N/A
11:37PM AnnaGram "Phenix—Phoenix" from Klee on N/A
11:44PM The Chemicals "Minimum Wage" from A New Language on Heirship
11:51PM Three Hour Tour "Gypsy Girl" from Action and Heroes on Martian
11:55PM Boycut "The Art of Pulling" from Covering Our Tracks on buzz Magazine
12:02AM Elsinore "The Great Communicator" from The Great Communicator on N/A
12:07AM Tara Terra "Apollo" from Covering Our Tracks on buzz Magazine
12:14AM Motes "See What Happens" from Keep It in the Dark on Heirship
12:20AM Terminus Victor "A Shoulder to the Lengths" from CRASHING THE HEIRSHIP, Volume II on Heirship
12:27AM Lanterna "Coastal Route" from Backyards on Badman
12:33AM Jesse W. Johnson "Springfield Supportive Living" from Primal Scream on N/A
12:37AM Slick Lisp "Death & Taxes" from Unicorn on N/A
12:40AM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Who Are You Supposed to Be?" from Who Are You Supposed to Be? on Twelve Inch
12:47AM Beck "Dreams [Radio Edit]" from Dreams on Capitol
12:52AM Silversun Pickups "Nightlight" from Better Nature on New Machine
12:57AM Garbage with Brian Aubert "The Chemicals" from The Chemicals on STUNVOLUME/[PIAS]
01:04AM Sleater–Kinney "Surface Envy" from No Cities To Love on Sub Pop
01:07AM Alanis Morissette "No Avalon" from jagged little pill >> DELUXE EDITION on Maverick/Rhino
01:11AM Courtney Barnett "Pedestrian at Best" from sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit. on Mom+Pop
01:16AM AWOLNATION "Dreamers" from Run on Red Bull
01:19AM Local H "Leon and the Game of Skin" from Hey, Killer on G&P
01:26AM Death from Above 1979 "Trainwreck 1979" from Trainwreck 1979 on Last Gang
01:31AM Failure "The Focus" from The Heart Is a Monster on Failure
01:35AM Limblifter "Cast a Net" from Pacific Milk on re-recordings/We Are Busy Bodies
01:37AM The Sheila Divine "The Hand" from THE MORBS on N/A
01:42AM The Decemberists "Make You Better" from What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World on Capitol
01:47AM The Mountain Goats "Werewolf Gimmick" from Beat the Champ on Merge
01:49AM Kirby Krackle "Whole Foods Santa" from Whole Foods Santa on N/A
01:52AM Chris Staples "Cheap Shades" from Cheap Shades on Barsuk
01:55AM Hurry "Nothing to Say" from Guided Meditation on Lame-O

June 13:

11:06PM Kevin Elliott "A Tenderloin Lullaby" from Patterns of Blue on Soona Songs
11:12PM Kurt Bielema "You Came Along" from You Came Along on Heirship
11:21PM Euriah "Hesitation (Whirlwind)" from Hesitation (Whirlwind) on Heirship
11:26PM Andy Mo and The Dead Possums "Under" from Andy Mo and The Dead Possums on SCP
11:29PM Three Hour Tour "March of the Fakers" from Action and Heroes on Martian
11:33PM Motes "Freeway" from Keep It in the Dark on Heirship
11:38PM Withershins "Mt Fuji in Blue" from Mt Fuji in Blue on Heirship/Mud
11:48PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:51PM Jesse W. Johnson "Cannon Rows" from Cannon Rows on N/A
11:57PM The Chemicals "Green Grass" from MONO on Heirship
12:01AM The Fights "Lock the Front Door" from Off Your Horse on Spur
12:05AM Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen "Black & Blue" from Tolono on N/A
12:08AM Ashley Riley "Love Shark" from All the Pretty Things on Riled Up
12:15AM Paul Kotheimer "Where's the Party At?" from My Message on Hand-Made
12:17AM Abnormous "Mona" from abnormous nights on N/A
12:24AM Coed Pageant "Feeding the Fear" from Drag on N/A
12:27AM Sleepy Kitty "Batman: The Ride" from Projection Room on Euclid
12:32AM Rachael Sage "Wax" from New Destination on MPress
12:37AM Ruby "Rain" from Waiting for Light on Fireweed
12:45AM The Raveonettes "Kill!" from Pe'ahi on Beat Dies
12:48AM Carsick Cars "The Best VPN So Far" from 3 on Maybe Mars
12:53AM Silversun Pickups "Devil's Cup" from The Singles Collection on Dangerbird
12:56AM J Mascis "Fade into You" from Fade into You on Sub Pop
01:03AM Local H "One of Us" from Team on G&P
01:07AM The Afghan Whigs "Algiers" from Do to the Beast on Sub Pop
01:11AM Allah-Las "501-405" from Worship the Sun on Innovative Leisure
01:15AM Bailiff "Love like Mine" from Remise on N/A
01:18AM Menthol "City Nites" from Paranoia on N/A
01:23AM Aaron Ackerson "LET'S HAVE SUCH A COFFEE" from Outside on the Inside on N/A
01:25AM Beck "Heart Is a Drum" from Morning Phase on Capitol
01:30AM Spoon "Rainy Taxi" from They Want My Soul on Loma Vista
01:34AM Interpol "All the Rage Back Home" from El Pintor on Matador
01:38AM Pixies "Snakes" from Indie Cindy on Pixies Music
01:43AM Failure "Shrine" from Solaris 2014 on N/A
01:48AM Eggs on a Plane "Ombre rosse" from Animali umani on N/A
01:52AM The Sheila Divine "Watch Out for Us" from Watch Out for Us on N/A
01:55AM The Fantastic Plastics "1up" from Outsiders on N/A

June 6:

11:11PM Sleepy Kitty "Summer" from Flux on Euclid
11:14PM Sleepy Kitty "Mockingbird" from Flux on Euclid
11:22PM Kevin Elliott "Patterns of Blue" from Patterns of Blue on Soona Songs
11:26PM Kevin Elliott "Will You Come Home Again" from Patterns of Blue on Soona Songs
11:31PM Kurt Bielema "You Came Along" from You Came Along on Heirship
11:35PM Terminus Victor "Now All We Need Is a Reason" from Prevention vs. Intervention on Heirship
11:42PM Beck "I Won't Be Long [Extended Version]" from I Won't Be Long on FONOGRAF
11:57PM Ampersand Posture "1986" from 1986 on N/A
12:00AM Washed Out "Weightless" from Paracosm on Sub Pop
12:07AM Elsinore "Ultraviolence" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
12:16AM Thoughts Detecting Machines "In Grey" from Forget on Twelve Inch
12:20AM I:Scintilla "Skin Tight [Bounte Mix]" from Marrow 2 on Alfa Matrix
12:24AM Curb Service "Romeo Jive" from Romeo Jive on N/A
12:27AM Motes "Catch" from CRASHING THE HEIRSHIP, Volume I on Heirship
12:30AM That's No Moon "Kathryn" from CRASHING THE HEIRSHIP, Volume I on Heirship
12:33AM Hathaways & Tom Turino "Brisas" from Para Don Julio on N/A
12:37AM Grandkids "Engines" from Timeshare on Heirship
12:43AM Courtney Barnett "History Eraser" from The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas on Planetary
12:47AM Paul Dempsey "Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely" from Shotgun Karaoke on EMI
12:52AM Savages "Shut Up" from Silence Yourself on Matador/Pop Noire
12:57AM Inara George "No One Knows" from Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age on Music for Music Lovers
01:01AM Susan Dillane "In My Head" from Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age on Music for Music Lovers
01:04AM Garbage and Screaming Females "Because the Night" from Because the Night on Stun Volume/Fontana
01:13AM Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Rami Jaffee "You Can't Fix This" from Sound City: Real to Reel on RCA
01:19AM Ruby "Last Life" from Waiting for Light on Fireweed
01:22AM Skunk Anansie "Undersea" from This Is Not a Game on 100%/Boogooyamma
01:27AM Pearl Jam "Pendulum" from Lightning Bolt on Monkeywrench/Republic
01:31AM Bell X1 "I Will Follow You" from Chop Chop on Belly Up
01:35AM The 88 "I Got Lucky" from Fortune Teller on 88 Records
01:40AM Sean Nelson "Born Without a Heart" from Make Good Choices on Really
01:44AM Girls Against Boys "Let's Get Killed" from The Ghost List on N/A
01:48AM Editors "A Ton of Love" from The Weight of Your Love on Play It Again Sam/Hostess Entertainment Unlimited.
01:52AM Jacuzzi Boys "Hotline" from Jacuzzi Boys on Hardly Art
01:55AM Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Angel Baby" from Specter at the Feast on Abstract Dragon

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