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Local 901 Playlists for May 2014

May 26:

11:03PM American Minor "Movin' On Up" from The Buffalo Creek EP on Jive/Zomba
11:11PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Machines" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:15PM Sleepy Kitty "Don't You Start" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:23PM Eva Hunter "Feast of Reason" from Thirsty
11:28PM Eva Hunter "Hangfire" from Fancy Prairie on mom
11:37PM Anna Karenina‚Äč/‚ÄčAnna Karina "Taco Tuesday [Living Room Version]" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:40PM Ashley Riley "Tell Me When" from All the Pretty Things on Riled Up
11:47PM Lowder & Manning "Timeline" from Next Time Around on Scrambler
11:52PM Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen "Monsters" from Tolono on Rebecca Rego & the Trainmen
11:55PM Wicked Walls "Kiss the Ground" from Crystal Balls
11:59PM Menthol "Paranoia" from Paranoia
12:05AM Menthol "Swampy" from Demos & Unreleased
12:13AM Afterhours "Riprendere Berlino" from I milanesi ammazzano il sabato on Universal
12:18AM Carmen Consoli "Senza farsi male" from L'uomo che ama on Polydor
12:21AM Action Camp "Enjoy the Silence" from Cover like Tan
12:34AM Bound Stems "Sugar City Magic" from The Family Afloat on Flameshovel
12:39AM Elsinore "Antonymity" from The General EP
12:49AM Cameron McGill & What Army "She's a Killer" from Hold On Beauty on Post-Important
12:54AM Gazelle "Bridges" from Sunblown on A Hidden Agenda
12:59AM Common Loon "Radium" from WEFT Sessions 21 July 2008 on WEFT
01:10AM Hathaways "Pusher" from Hand Me Down
01:14AM Tall Tale "Fade Away" from Pirate Ship
01:18AM The Brother Whys "Acid Rain" from I Wrote This with Our Bare Hands
01:24AM Carl Hauck "Herrick, You Devil!" from Counter Intelligence
01:30AM Ships "Can't Win" from e.p. ONE
01:37AM Little Pieces "Ordinary Friend" from Little Pieces on One Eleven
01:42AM Mirror Ball Associates "Right Here Right Now" from Covers Volume I on
01:46AM The Whigs "Already Young" from Mission Control on ATO
01:50AM Local H "Hand to Mouth" from Twelve Angry Months on SHOUT! Factory

May 19:

11:09PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:14PM Sleepy Kitty "Don't You Start" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:19PM Sleepy Kitty "What Are You Gonna Do When You Find Bigfoot?" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:23PM I:Scintilla "Ammunition" from Live on JBTV
11:30PM Elephant Stereo "New Mexican Headrush" from New Mexican Headrush
11:34PM The Fantastic Plastics "1up" from Outsiders
11:37PM That's No Moon "Kathryn" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:41PM Elsinore "Sinister Sister" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:45PM Ashley Riley "Made of Dreams" from All the Pretty Things on Riled Up
11:49PM Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen "John Wayne" from Tolono on Rebecca Rego & the Trainmen
11:55PM Terminus Victor "Now All We Need Is a Reason" from Prevention vs. Intervention on Heirship
12:02AM Post Historic "Serotonin" from Memory Banks of Blue
12:09AM LCD Soundsystem "Big Ideas [Extended Mix]" from Big Ideas on Sony BMG Music Entertainment
12:14AM Nada Surf "Everyone's on Tour" from Lucky on Barsuk
12:23AM Kaiser Chiefs "Never Miss a Beat" from "Off with Their Heads" on universalmotown
12:25AM The Axis of Awesome "How to No. 1" from Scissors, Paper, Rock! on The Axis of Awesome
12:26AM Jacuzzi Boys "Island Avenue" from Island Avenue on Hozac
12:31AM Thomas Function "Snake in the Grass" from Celebration! on Alive
12:34AM Apteka "The Sheet" from Tour EP
12:38AM The Raveonettes "Aly, Walk with Me" from Lust Lust Lust on Vice
12:44AM Kissinger "Rock and Roll Ain't Cheap" from Underwater on WCI
12:47AM M.S.F. "California Car Crash" from M.S.F.
12:54AM Three Hour Tour "Easter Basket Grass" from B-Side Oblivion on Martian
01:00AM Lattimore Brown "Sweet Desiree" from Sweet Desiree on Renegade
01:03AM Werewolf by Night "Night Shift" from Night Shift
01:08AM +/- "Snowblind" from Xs on Your Eyes on Absolutely Kosher
01:15AM Bailiff "Emptied Out" from Mm Hmm
01:20AM Fire Hydrant "Fireball" from Daydreams on Crony
01:25AM Constantines "Trans Canada" from Kensington Heights on Arts & Crafts International
01:28AM Jacqui Naylor "Losing My Religion" from You Don't Know Jacq on Ruby Star
01:35AM Bound Stems "Happens to Us All Otherwise" from The Family Afloat on Flameshovel
01:39AM Sparkadia "Jealousy" from Postcards on Ivy League
01:43AM Blitzen Trapper "Furr" from Furr on Sub Pop
01:49AM Local H "Simple Pleas" from Twelve Angry Months on SHOUT! Factory
01:54AM The Airborne Toxic Event "Sometime Around Midnight" from The Airborne Toxic Event on Majordomo

May 12:

11:08PM The Sugar Prophets "Heart's Desire (Part 2)" from The Sugar Prophets on Just One Teaspoon
11:15PM The Afghan Whigs "Parked Outside" from Do to the Beast on Sub Pop
11:20PM Withershins "A Patient Boy" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:25PM Sleepy Kitty "Hold Yr Ground" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:31PM Ashley Riley "Trouble" from All the Pretty Things on Riled Up
11:43PM Absinthe Blind "She Saves/Now I'm Where I Need to Be" from Rings on Mud
11:53PM Jesse W. Johnson "Cannon Rows" from Cannon Rows
11:57PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
12:01AM The Chemicals "Broadcasting" from Chemicals
12:08AM LCD Soundsystem "North American Scum" from Sound of Silver on DFA
12:13AM Kissinger "Laramie" from Sydney Stone 3P
12:18AM Monday's Child "Lights Gone Out" from From the Ashes EP
12:23AM Garbage "Betcha" from Tell Me Where It Hurts on Warner Bros.
12:29AM Blonde Redhead "23" from 23 on 4AD
12:34AM Sean Nelson and His Mortal Enemies "Carlotta Valdes (Countryish)" from Ceci n'est pas une tour ep
12:40AM Idlewild "No Emotion" from No Emotion on Sequel
12:43AM Suffrajett "So Tired" from Black Glitter on Cobra
12:46AM The Evil Queens "Love Song Werewolves" from Lovesong Werewolves on Sunken Treasure
12:50AM Interpol "Mammoth [Explicit Radio Mix]" from Mammoth on Parlophone
12:54AM Black Lab "Good" from Passion Leaves a Trace
12:58AM La Scala "The Harlequin" from The Harlequin e.p. on Highwheel
01:03AM Ash "You Can't Have It All" from You Can't Have It All on Infectious
01:06AM Beck "Timebomb [Radio Edit]" from Timebomb on Interscope
01:09AM Matthew Good "Girl Wedged Under the Front of a Firebird" from Hospital Music on Universal Music Canada
01:11AM Cupcakes and Cigarettes "You Don't Care About Us" from Cupcakes and Cigarettes
01:17AM UNKLE "Burn My Shadow [Radio Edit]" from Burn My Shadow Remix Promo on Surrender All
01:20AM Mark Perak "Never Works" from New Day Dawn
01:23AM Jody Cooper "Werewolves" from Ten a Penny
01:26AM Jose Bold "The Start and the End" from Fly the December Skies!
01:29AM Casados "Panama" from Passages
01:33AM Paul Kotheimer "You Can't Fool Me" from Song About Everything on Hand-Made
01:36AM John McMahon "Dumptruck of Love" from Dumptruck of Love
01:44AM Butterfly Assassins "Turn It Off" from No Rights Reserved on Green St.
01:49AM Jack Pine Savage "Pirate" from No Rights Reserved on Green St.

May 5:

11:03PM Lemonheads "Dawn Can't Decide" from My So-Called Life on Atlantic
11:06PM Wicked Walls "Crystal Balls" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:09PM Wicked Walls "Swept" from Wicked Walls on A Hidden Agenda
11:15PM Lonely Trailer "Blue with Water" from Lonely Trailer on Mud
11:18PM The Darling Buds "It Makes No Difference" from Crawdaddy on Epic
11:22PM The Darling Buds "Isolation" from Erotica on Chaos
11:32PM The Smiths "How Soon Is Now [Alternate Mix]" from William, It Was Really Nothing on Rough Trade/Virgin
12:04AM Eddie Vedder "Hard Sun" from Into the Wild on Monkey Wrench/J
12:10AM Buffalo Tom "You'll Never Catch Him" from Three Easy Pieces on New West
12:19AM Shipwreck "Melusine" from Rabbit in the Kitchen with a New Dress On on None
12:24AM Sea Wolf "You're a Wolf" from Leaves in the River on Dangerbird
12:28AM Ryan Groff "Harrison St." from People in the Midwest on Parasol
12:33AM Patti Smith "Gimme Shelter" from Twelve on Columbia
12:38AM PJ Harvey "When Under Ether" from White Chalk on Island
12:41AM Darling Disarm "Too Much Trouble" from WEFT Sessions 13 August 2007 on WEFT
12:47AM The Beauty Shop "Ambulance" from Just Some Demos
12:56AM Angie Heaton & the Gentle Tamers "The Rumor Mill" from The Rumor Mill on Spur
12:59AM Cameo Turret "Safe Inside" from You Bring It with You
01:03AM I:Scintilla "Ultravioletfly" from Optics on Alfa Matrix
01:09AM Queens of the Stone Age "Make It wit Chu" from Era Vulgaris on Interscope
01:14AM The Afghan Whigs "I'm a Soldier" from Unbreakable (A Retrospective 1990-2006) on Rhino
01:19AM Joy Division "Transmission [Cast Version]" from Music from the Motion Picture Control on Warner Bros./Rhino
01:27AM Smashing Pumpkins "Doomsday Clock" from Zeitgeist on Martha's Music/Reprise
01:30AM Snowsera "Trends" from EP
01:38AM Curb Service "Brooklyn" from Little Red Recovery Room
01:42AM Lucky Mulholland "Waterfalls" from La Petite Rendezvous
01:46AM The Greytones "Haunted Ship" from Penumbra on The Greytones
01:53AM Sangamon "The Right Way" from The Right Way EP
01:57AM deep Snapper "When a Cataclysm Becomes a Catastrophe" from A Drowning Man Can Pull You Under on edna Peppers

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