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Local 901 Playlists for December 2013

December 16:

11:04PM Menthol "I'm Ready" from Odds & Odds
11:08PM Sleepy Kitty "Don't You Start" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:16PM Elsinore "New England" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:21PM Ampersand Posture "1986" from N/A
11:26PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Going Home" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:31PM Withershins "A Patient Boy" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:39PM Swoon "In the Phase" from Toast Music
11:44PM Sarge "Beguiling" from The Glass Intact on Mud
11:49PM Angie Heaton "Hydroplane" from Sparkle on Mud
11:57PM Absinthe Blind "Fantasy Loss/Celestial" from Solarshift on Hammerhead
12:03AM The Smashing Pumpkins "Pug" from 1991–1998 on Virgin
12:07AM Garbage "Push It" from Version 2.0 on ALMO Sounds
12:12AM Curve "Coming Up Roses [Jeremy Wheatley's Full Mix]" from Coming Up Roses - The Remixes on estupendo/Universal
12:18AM Massive Attack "Teardrop" from Mezzanine on Virgin
12:23AM Beth Orton "Stolen Car" from Central Reservation on Arista
12:30AM Lo Fidelity Allstars featuring Pigeonhed "Battle Flag [Radio Version]" from Battle Flag on Skint/Sub Pop/Columbia
12:34AM Alanis Morissette "Uninvited" from Music from the Motion Picture City of Angels on Warner Sunset/Reprise
12:40AM Air "La femme d'argent" from Moon Safari on Astralwerks
12:47AM The Beta Band "Dry the Rain" from The Three E.P.'s on Astralwerks
12:53AM Buffalo Tom "Do You In" from Smitten on Polydor
12:59AM New Radicals "Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too" from You Get What You Give on MCA
01:04AM Catherine Wheel "Broken Nose [Single Version]" from Broken Nose on Chrysalis
01:09AM Local H "She Hates My Job" from Pack Up the Cats on Island
01:13AM The Dandy Warhols "Boys Better" from Boys Better on Capitol
01:19AM Nada Surf "Hyperspace" from The Proximity Effect on Elektra
01:23AM Placebo "Pure Morning [Radio Edit]" from Pure Morning on Hut/Virgin/Elevator
01:27AM Soulwax "My Cruel Joke" from Much Against Everyone's Advice on Play It Again Sam
01:33AM Pearl Jam "In Hiding" from Yield on Epic
01:38AM Better Than Ezra "One More Murder" from How Does Your Garden Grow? on Elektra
01:43AM Pulling Birds "Caught in the Rain" from N/A
01:47AM Cracker "Seven Days" from Gentleman's Blues on Virgin
01:51AM Loreena McKennitt "The Mummers' Dance [Single Version]" from The Mummers' Dance on Warner Bros.
01:55AM Harvey Danger "Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes) [Radio Edit]" from Happy Holidays from Harvey Danger and Slash/London on Slash/London

December 9:

11:03PM Withershins "A Patient Boy" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:08PM Elsinore "The Art of Pulling" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:21PM Elsinore "Life Inside an Elephant" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:25PM Paul Asaro "After Tonight" from After the Sun Goes Down on Horton
11:28PM Cameron McGill "American Health Insurance" from Gallows Etiquette on Post-Important
11:38PM Cameron McGill "Sucker Love" from Gallows Etiquette on Post-Important
11:42PM Sleepy Kitty "Don't You Start" from Projection Room on Euclid
11:50PM Laurie McColley "No Respect" from Gypped by Gyne on Hammerhead
11:56PM HUM "Ms. Lazarus" from Downward Is Heavenward on RCA
12:00AM Girls Against Boys "Park Avenue" from Park Avenue on Geffen
12:04AM The Afghan Whigs "Uptown Again" from 1965 on Columbia
12:09AM Pure "Chocolate Bar" from Feverish on Mammoth
12:11AM Stabbing Westward "Save Yourself [Edit]" from Explore: Columbia 1998 New Music Sampler #1 on Columbia
12:15AM PJ Harvey "A Perfect Day Elise [Single Version]" from A Perfect Day Elise on Island
12:20AM The Cardigans "My Favourite Game" from Gran Turismo on Stockholm/Mercury
12:24AM Hole "Celebrity Skin" from Celebrity Skin on Geffen
12:26AM Carmen Consoli "Bésame Giuda" from Mediamente isterica on Cyclope
12:32AM Alabama 3 "Ain't Goin' to Goa [Radio Edit]" from Ain't Goin' to Goa on Elemental
12:36AM Ben Lee "Cigarettes Will Kill You" from Breathing Tornados on Grand Royal
12:40AM Ben Folds Five "Air" from Air on Epic
12:45AM Gerling "Death to the Apple Gerls" from Children of Telepathic Experiences on Festival
12:48AM Idlewild "A Film for the Future" from A Film for the Future on Food
12:53AM Soul Coughing "$300" from Lust in Phaze: The Best of Soul Coughing on Rhino/Slash
12:56AM Harvey Danger "Private Helicopter [Edit]" from Private Helicopter on Slash/London
01:00AM Eels "Hospital Food" from Electro-Shock Blues on DreamWorks
01:03AM God Lives Underwater "From Your Mouth [Edit]" from From Your Mouth on 1500
01:12AM Soul Asylum "I Will Still Be Laughing" from I Will Still Be Laughing on Columbia
01:16AM Fuel "Shimmer" from Shimmer on Epic
01:19AM Menthol "John Hughes 2000" from Danger: Rock Science! on Capitol
01:26AM Orbit "Lovers' Lane" from I Wanna Make You on Lunch
01:29AM Propellerheads "Crash! [Edit]" from Extended Play E.P. on Play It Again Sam
01:35AM Firewater "Green Light [Mono Mix]" from The Ponzi Scheme on Jetset
01:39AM Fini Scad "Coppertone" from Wider Screen on Mushroom
01:43AM Niccolò Fabi "Vento d'estate" from Niccolò Fabi on Virgin
01:49AM Catatonia "I Am the Mob" from International Velvet on Blanco y Negro
01:52AM Marcy Playground "Memphis" from Sex and Candy on Capitol

December 2:

11:02PM Curb Service "Cheque Mate" from Romeo Jive
11:07PM Curb Service "Stay Proud" from Romeo Jive
11:10PM Sleepy Kitty "Hold Yr Ground" from Hold Yr Ground on Euclid
11:14PM Elsinore "The Art of Pulling" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:20PM Elsinore "Evens" from PUSH/PULL on Parasol
11:23PM Cameron McGill "Albatross" from Gallows Etiquette on Post-Important
11:28PM Cameron McGill "Let Me Down Easy" from Gallows Etiquette on Post-Important
11:33PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "In Grey" from Forget on Twelve Inch
11:38PM The Dirty Feathers "If Your Love Is a Drug (Then I'm Feeling Sick)" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:41PM Withershins "A Patient Boy" from Crashing the Heirship, Volume I on Heirship
11:46PM Sleepcomesdown "Hot Knives" from Cured by the Blur
11:52PM Grandkids "Powder Blues" from Timeshare on Heirship
11:56PM HUM "Comin' Home" from Downward Is Heavenward on RCA
12:01AM Poster Children "0 for 1" from RTFM on Reprise
12:05AM Local H "Eddie Vedder [No Shit Version]" from Eddie Vedder on Island
12:08AM Black Lab "Wash It Away" from Your Body Above Me on Geffen
12:12AM CAKE "Frank Sinatra" from Fashion Nugget on capricorn
12:21AM Ben Folds Five "She Don't Use Jelly" from Lounge-A-Palooza on Hollywood
12:26AM Steve & Eydie "Black Hole Sun" from Lounge-A-Palooza on Hollywood
12:30AM Nada Surf "Zen Brain [French Cover]" from Zen Brain on Elektra
12:35AM Harvey Danger "Flagpole Sitta [Alternate Mix]" from The New Seattle Music Scene on Insight
12:38AM The Dismemberment Plan "The Ice of Boston" from The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified on DeSoto
12:43AM Orbit "Medicine (Baby Come Back) [Edit]" from Medicine (Baby Come Back) on A&M
12:48AM Naked "Mann's Chinese [Single Edit]" from Mann's Chinese on Red Ant
12:52AM Jars of Clay "Flood [Adrian Belew Mix]" from Gas Collection 2 on 7ball
12:55AM Dryve "Television" from Thrifty Mr. Kickstar on Sarabellum
01:00AM Smoking Popes "Pure Imagination" from Destination Failure on Capitol
01:04AM Cowboy Mouth "Jenny Says" from Are You With Me? on MCA
01:07AM Dinosaur Jr "The Pickle Song" from Take a Run at the Sun on Blanco y Negro
01:09AM Pavement "Westie Can Drum" from Stereo on Domino
01:13AM Stone Temple Pilots "Art School Girl" from Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop on Atlantic
01:18AM Eels "Your Lucky Day in Hell" from Beautiful Freak on Dreamworks
01:22AM The Dandy Warhols "Cool as Kim Deal" from …The Dandy Warhols Come Down on Capitol
01:25AM The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "The Impression That I Get" from So Far, So Good on Big Rig/Mercury
01:29AM Soul Coughing "16 Horses" from The X-Files: The Album on Elektra
01:33AM Faith No More "Last Cup of Sorrow [7" Edit]" from Last Cup of Sorrow on London/Slash
01:37AM Jane Jensen "More Than I Can" from Comic Book Whore on Flip/Interscope
01:41AM The Smashing Pumpkins "Eye" from Rotten Apples on Virgin
01:46AM R.E.M. "The Wake-Up Bomb" from New Adventures in Hi-Fi on Warner Bros.
01:51AM Noel Hartough "War Within" from Locals Only on WXSR
01:55AM Foo Fighters "Everlong" from The Colour and the Shape on Roswell/RCA/Legacy

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