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Local 901 Playlists for April 2016

April 25:

11:02PM Absinthe Blind "She Saves/Now I'm Where I Need to Be" from Rings on Mud
11:15PM Lanterna "Sicily" from Backyards on Badman
11:21PM Thoughts Detecting Machines "Say You Will" from Work the Circuits on Twelve Inch
11:27PM Deadlands "Gangrened" from Winds of the Wichitas on N/A
11:38PM Angie Heaton & the Gentle Tamers "Hide and Seek" from The Rumor Mill on Spur
11:41PM John McMahon "Dumptruck of Love" from Dumptruck of Love on N/A
11:47PM Brother Embassy "Nice" from Music Knows No Color but Love on N/A
11:51PM The Chemicals "Broadcasting" from Chemicals on N/A
11:57PM Cameo Turret "Death in the Past" from You Bring It with You on N/A
12:01AM Casados "Twenty-Four" from Passages on N/A
12:04AM Snowsera "Twenty Four" from EP on N/A
12:12AM The Greytones "Haunted Ship" from Penumbra on N/A
12:16AM The Beauty Shop "Ambulance" from Just Some Demos on N/A
12:20AM Curb Service "Brooklyn" from Little Red Recovery Room on N/A
12:27AM I:Scintilla "Salt of Stones" from Optics on Alfa Matrix
12:32AM Shipwreck "Melusine" from Rabbit in the Kitchen with a New Dress On on None
12:36AM Ryan Groff "Harrison St." from People in the Midwest on Parasol
12:44AM Buffalo Tom "Renovating" from Three Easy Pieces on New West
12:47AM Spoon "Don't You Evah" from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga on Merge
12:51AM Eddie Vedder "Hard Sun" from Into the Wild on Monkey Wrench/J
12:59AM Patti Smith "Gimme Shelter" from Twelve on Columbia
01:04AM Sea Wolf "You're a Wolf" from Leaves in the River on Dangerbird
01:07AM Jody Cooper "Werewolves" from Ten a Penny on N/A
01:11AM Beck "Timebomb [Radio Edit]" from Timebomb on Interscope
01:16AM Joy Division "Transmission [Cast Version]" from Music from the Motion Picture Control on Warner Bros./Rhino
01:19AM Rilo Kiley "The Moneymaker" from The Moneymaker on Warner Bros.
01:22AM Suffrajett "Closer" from Black Glitter on Cobra
01:25AM Garbage "Betcha" from Tell Me Where It Hurts on Warner Bros.
01:30AM Blonde Redhead "23" from 23 on 4AD
01:36AM Interpol "Mammoth" from Our Love to Admire on Capitol
01:40AM Editors "Some Kind of Spark" from An End Has a Start on Kitchenware/Play It Again Sam
01:45AM LCD Soundsystem "North American Scum [Radio Edit]" from North American Scum on Capitol
01:49AM Kissinger "Laramie" from Sydney Stone 3P on N/A
01:52AM Idlewild "No Emotion" from No Emotion on Sequel
01:55AM Jarvis "Fat Children" from Fat Children on Rough Trade

April 18:

11:02PM Square Donuts "Bohemian Song" from Put the Jam On on N/A
11:05PM The Underwerewolves "Stegotron" from Felicia Vs Stegotron on N/A
11:11PM Waterfowl "Mind Fights" from Waterfowl on N/A
11:15PM Motes "We Collide" from Keep It in the Dark on Heirship
11:20PM Penny Horses "A Game of Cards" from A Place to Rest Your Dead on N/A
11:27PM The Bashful Youngens "The River" from The Bashful Youngens on SCP
11:30PM Three Hour Tour "Tonight" from Action and Heroes on Martian
11:35PM Jesse Johnson "Bluebird" from Post Historic on N/A
11:44PM Shipwreck "Alias" from House of Cards EP on N/A
11:48PM Scale Model "Fourteen" from Humdrum EP on N/A
11:51PM Cameo Turret "Drowning in You" from Withdraw on N/A
11:58PM Flathead 6 "Radio Days (Hey Mama)" from Bad Spell on 99 Man
12:04AM Elsinore "Cannonballs" from Nothing for Design on Elsinore
12:09AM Theory of Everything "Crystalline" from Loveway on N/A
12:15AM Triple Whip "Feels Wrong" from Crescendo on Green St.
12:19AM Machines That Think "The Crux" from Red in Tooth and Claw on Eons Echo
12:23AM Anomic "Oración" from Docile Entropy on N/A
12:29AM Lorenzo Goetz "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" from WEFT Sessions 13 February 2006 on WEFT
12:32AM The Beauty Shop "Public Hangings" from Monster on Snapper
12:35AM The Living Blue "The Beat of Her Drums" from fire,blood,water on Minty Fresh/Star Mole
12:38AM Salaryman "Portwine Road" from The Electric Forest on Twelve Inch
12:42AM Lanterna "Venture" from Desert Ocean on Jemez Mountain
12:51AM Secret Machines "Faded Lines" from Ten Silver Drops on Reprise
12:56AM The Frauds "I Don't Wanna Know" from The Frauds on High Wire Music
01:00AM The Hold Steady "Chillout Tent" from boys and girls in America on Vagrant
01:04AM The Love Kills Theory "Something Goes Around" from Happy Suicide, Jim! on Xemu
01:08AM Silversun Pickups "Future Foe Scenarios" from Carnavas on Dangerbird
01:15AM Afterhours "Ballad for My Little Hyena" from Ballads for Little Hyenas on One Little Indian
01:20AM Massive Attack "Live with Me" from Live with Me on Virgin
01:24AM The Twilight Singers "Forty Dollars" from Powder Burns on One Little Indian
01:30AM Richard Cheese "Imagine" from Silent Nightclub on Surfdog
01:32AM Amy Winehouse "Rehab" from Back to Black on Universal Republic
01:36AM Neko Case "Maybe Sparrow" from Fox Confessor Brings the Flood on Anti-
01:38AM Placebo "Broken Promise" from Meds on Astralwerks/EMI/Elevator
01:42AM The Madeira "Almoraima" from Ruins on Double Crown
01:46AM The Moon-Rays "Deep into Midnight" from Sinister Surf on Sound Imp
01:49AM Beck "Think I'm in Love" from The Information on Interscope
01:53AM VAST "Bruise" from Turquoise & Crimson on 2Blossoms
01:56AM Ambulance LTD "New English" from New English EP on TVT

April 11:

11:02PM Paul Smith "No Trump" from Cascades on EMI Music Japan Inc.
11:05PM Penny Horses "Me & the Dead" from A Place to Rest Your Dead on N/A
11:09PM The Bashful Youngens "Hard Road Home" from The Bashful Youngens on SCP
11:23PM The Underwerewolves "Felicia" from Felicia Vs Stegotron on N/A
11:26PM The Phantom Broadcast "Lithium Queen" from Sublimation Love on N/A
11:30PM AnnaGram "Phenix—Phoenix" from Klee on N/A
11:41PM Psychic Teens "EVERYTHING" from NERVE on SRA
11:45PM Megan Johns "Tea" from Dirty Shoes on N/A
11:47PM Kate Hathaway "Silence Says Everything" from Sprout Don't Pout on N/A
11:52PM Eva Hunter "Anybody Any Good" from Thirsty on Evasweets
11:56PM Garbage "Run Baby Run" from Bleed like Me on Geffen
12:04AM Sleater–Kinney "Entertain" from The Woods on Sub Pop
12:09AM Mon Frere "R.V.D.G.S. (Fighting Mad)" from Real Vampires EP on Cake
12:13AM Headlights "Summer of '83" from WEFT Sessions 21 March 2005 on WEFT
12:17AM Ambitious Pie Party "American Greeting" from All I've Learned Is Pushed Aside on N/A
12:23AM Metric "Monster Hospital" from Live It Out on Last Gang/Factor
12:31AM Triple Whip "Triads" from Snake Creeps Down on N/A
12:36AM Lucky Mulholland "Heather Lane" from Pedestrians & Motorists on N/A
12:38AM Beck "E-Pro" from Guero on Interscope
12:41AM Kissinger "Vicario" from Me and Otto on WCI
12:45AM Queens of the Stone Age "In My Head" from Lullabies to Paralyze on Interscope
12:53AM Hot Snakes "This Mystic Decade" from Peel Sessions on Swami
12:56AM Interpol "Evil [Zane Lowe BBC Session]" from Evil on Matador
12:59AM Afterhours "Ballata per la mia piccola iena" from Ballate per piccole iene on Mescal
01:06AM Matthew Good "Oh Be Joyful" from In a Coma: 1995–2005 on Universal Music Canada
01:10AM The Strokes "Juicebox" from Juicebox on Rough Trade
01:13AM The Dandy Warhols "All the Money or the Simple Life Honey [Radio Edit]" from All the Money or the Simple Life Honey on Parlophone
01:17AM Local H "Toxic" from Alive '05 on Cleopatra
01:20AM Richard Cheese "We Are the World" from Aperitif for Destruction on Surfdog
01:22AM LCD Soundsystem "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House [Radio Edit]" from Daft Punk Is Playing at My House on DFA
01:28AM The Raveonettes "Ode to L.A." from Pretty in Black on Columbia
01:31AM The Reputation "Disco" from N/A on N/A
01:34AM Soulwax "Accidents And Compliments" from Nite Versions on Modular
01:41AM Secret Machines "The Road Leads Where It's Led [Edit]" from The Road Leads Where It's Led on Reprise
01:45AM Ambulance LTD "Stay Where You Are [Extended Version]" from Stay Where You Are on TVT
01:49AM Billy Corgan "Tilt" from TheFutureEmbrace on Reprise
01:53AM Harvey Danger "Diminishing Returns" from Little by Little... on Phonographic

April 4:

11:04PM Paul Smith "No Trump" from Cascades on EMI Music Japan Inc.
11:08PM Hurry "Nothing to Say" from Guided Meditation on Lame-O
11:13PM Motes "Dear Life" from Keep It in the Dark on Motes
11:18PM Upshot "Rufus" from Bring Bourbon on SCP
11:28PM Patriot Patrol "Doodlebug" from The Shadows and the Mud on Hand Sandwich
11:30PM Paul & Gloria "A Minute or Two" from Lime Drop on N/A
11:34PM Ryan Groff "Lake Water" from The J.R. Ewing for President Demo on N/A
11:42PM Shipwreck "Gaslight Square" from WEFT Sessions 9 February 2004 on WEFT
11:48PM Temple of Low Men "Level" from WEFT Sessions 30 August 2004 on WEFT
11:53PM Rodeo Girl Collective "Finish Your Peas" from WEFT Sessions 1 March 2004 on WEFT
12:00AM Angie Heaton "Godspeed the Plow" from Let It Ride on Parasol
12:03AM Mike Ingram "April to May" from One Less Tomorrow on FWM
12:08AM Sick Day "Sundays" from Happy Ending on N/A
12:12AM Solips "Sour Gone South" from Life Will Leave Its Mark on You on N/A
12:18AM Terminus Victor "Strange Fulfillment" from a warm breath... and a scream on Innocent Words
12:23AM Triple Whip "Tax" from a warm breath... and a scream on Innocent Words
12:26AM The Blackouts "No Tomorrow" from Living in Blue on Lucid
12:30AM American Minor "Get on It" from The Buffalo Creek EP on Jive/Zomba
12:36AM I:Scintilla "Imitation" from The Approach on N/A
12:41AM Sonic Youth "Unmade Bed" from Sonic Nurse on Geffen
12:45AM Interpol "Narc" from Antics on Matador
12:49AM Ambulance LTD "Primitive (The Way I Treat You) [Alternate Mix]" from Primitive (The Way I Treat You) on TVT
12:53AM Secret Machines "Light's On" from Now Here Is Nowhere on Reprise
12:57AM Mark Lanegan Band "Hit the City" from Bubblegum on Beggars Banquet
01:00AM PJ Harvey "Cat on the Wall" from Uh Huh Her on Island
01:03AM The Twilight Singers "Please Stay (Once You Go Away)" from She Loves You on One Little Indian
01:07AM Local H "P.J. Soles" from Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles? on Studio E
01:12AM Local H "How's the Weather Down There?" from Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles? on Studio E
01:19AM Bound Stems "Risking Life and Limb for the Coupon" from Caught It on the Continent on N/A
01:22AM Society of the Golden West "Exile on Baker Street" from N/A on N/A
01:26AM Soulwax "NY Excuse" from Any Minute Now on Play It Again Sam
01:31AM The Chap "I Am Oozing Emotion" from (Hats Off to) Dror Frangi on Lo
01:34AM Placebo "Twenty Years" from Twenty Years on Virgin
01:38AM Wolfman "For Lovers" from For Lovers on Rough Trade
01:43AM Rilo Kiley "Portions for Foxes" from More Adventurous on Brute/Beaute
01:48AM L.P. "Wasted" from A Double Shot from Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol on Light Switch
01:52AM Matthew Good "Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra" from White Light Rock & Roll Review on Universal Music Canada
01:57AM The Hives "Abra Cadaver" from Tyrannosaurus Hives on Interscope

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